An open letter essay for global cooperation, global participation and global support towards conscious mental growth and development for global citizens, autochthon and sovereigns, slaves, servants, apprentices, immigrants, Black and Indigenous peoples of the Earth

We live in a magnificent moment in history

If we open our eyes to see

For in the world of pains

There is to be received much gains.

The earth hears our cries

And is about to give us answers wise

On our hearts and souls no more misery

For history is our victory

Dear global citizens;

RE: Black, Indigenous and All Communities of Canada, United States of America (AMERICA), Central and South America, The Caribbean, Africa, England (Britain, United Kingdom, British Isles), European Countries, UE, Asia, Arab Countries, Australia and the World:

The Reset Community, a grassroots initiative for the community, by the community is calling upon people of the Earth, Indigenous and Aboriginal Nations; the World Economic Forum European Union, Pan African, UNESCO, United Nations, NGOs; governments of the Caribbean, leaders of the CARICOM, Heads of the Commonwealth; Monarchy of Spain, Portugal, England, Dutch, France, Asia, African nations and all other royal houses;  Governments of North, South and Central America;  leaders of Jerusalem, Khazarian, Zionism, Bavarian, B’nai Brith and other Jewish (all sects) and Judaeo religions; The Vatican, Jesuits and all other religious sects of Christianity Orthodox and Unorthodox; Muslim, Islam, Buddhism and all other religious sects, to restore truth and reconciliation by discontinuing the use of the Black card, as it was used to identify a group of people with the sole purpose of inequality, inequity and degradation of a group of people now labelled as Black.

(24-June-2021, TOR.ON VLPress)) There is an alarming rate of mental health amongst citizens of the world particularly those classified as Black and Indigenous.

Over decades of numerous reports on the staggering cases of Black mental health has already sounded the alarm that something is terribly wrong. In addition, reports on the unethical living and environmental conditions for both Black and Indigenous communities carried on through the ages across Countries is a growing global concern. After careful research it is highly plausible this label” Black” is partly due to its cause.

Just as others are able to claim their title today, it is our opportunity to restore ours or decide together on a new one.

Most by now have heard about the grave impact of eugenics across various industries, sectors, fields and institutions.

One such supporter of eugenics was former director of the Western State Hospital, Dr. Joseph DeJarnette, known to be a leading advocate of eugenics. He went on record to say “the Germans are beating us at our own game,” in reference to eugenics when Germany outpaced the United States in sterilization of about 80,000 people they deemed unfit, doubling the amount of the United States.

Then, there is Francis Galton, who Time Magazine mentioned this year in an article published in April about his theory on birth order personality traits.  What is interesting about Time publishing a recent article about a man, while highly praised for being influential in many areas such as anthropology, is also known for his demoralizing ideas about “Negros” aka “Blacks.”  He was a huge supporter of eugenics and theories that later became part of Margaret Sanger’s planned parenthood.

Galton, with connections to Charles Darwin, another early eugenics theorist once wrote Time magazine about the importance to displace, and outbreed the negro, titled Africa for the Chinese.   Encouraging the idea of the Chinese to immigrate to Africa and displace the aboriginal Blacks.

Galton went on to state in that letter “the gain would be immense to the whole civilized world if we were to out-breed and finally displace the negro.”

Yet, as recently as 2021 he is published in Times magazine, while Africa is being taken over by the Chinese, the African resources are extracted and racism rampant among the people.

These are topics that seem to be very challenging to speak about however, it is the elephant in the room. We need more open moral spaces to have meaningful conversations that lead to real and tangible solutions.


The term Black once meant White and it was also used a social construct to degrade and dehumanize one group of people at the advancement of another group of people.

“Black once used to mean white if you go back far enough in time. It’s related to bleach and blanch. All those words are related, even bald because bald was a white shiny head,” states Professor Dr. Burridge in a 2018 ABC Australia news article.


It was in 1680 when the term White was introduced to represent free Christians and European Indentured slaves.  Black was assigned to mean degradation and or not the same access as Whites.

In 1691, the colony of Virginia enacted the first law banning all marriage between Whites and Blacks eleven years after the term White was introduced in 1680.  Several other states followed suit, with Maryland on board in 1692 and by 1913, 30 out of the then 48 states enforced the law.


My grandparents were affected by these laws and ideologies that spread beyond the United States to the Caribbean (or vice versa) where they are from. My White grandfather along with other family members of his who married Black women and did not conform to the new White status were sent to live separately from their white families with their mulatto children.  Sometimes in other countries.

When they both passed away leaving behind their mixed children to be raised by their White families, these children were selected from a line-up based on colour. Each family member picked a child that was most suitable or passable for White in their family.  The ones blackest looking sent to live with Black families. That ideology in many places of the world still exists today. It also exists today that people around the world are ironically bleaching their skin to appear more White for what they feel will provide “better opportunities.”

This word alone and the concept of what took place has created a collective trauma in history ruining the lives of many people. This time allows us to collectively dispel the false narratives to provide so many families the opportunity to be restored. 


Institutions, organizations, associations, and societies such as Journalism Associations, Student Associations, Universities, Public Relation, Marketing firms, Radio & Broadcasting Corporations, TV Directors|Producers, Artists, Lawyers and law enforcement, Policy-makers, Entertainers, Unions, Guilds, not-for-profits, agencies, boards and commissions are hereby called upon to stop referring to or using the name Black in reference to melanin peoples of the world.


The idea to keep and uphold a name meant to be one of degradation must stop. Those who continue to use this name now knowing its meaning, its definition and purpose is endorsing those meanings are in direct contradiction of anti-racism methods, as well their religious codes and the Noahide Code for causing undue pain upon a group of people. To continue is to knowingly subscribe to mental identity dysphoria now and upon the next generation.

There has been a series of “racial integrity laws” enacted in Virginia to reinforce racial hierarchies affecting Black and Indigenous communities globally prohibiting the mixing of the races along with a 1930 act defining any person, with any trace of melanin, as Black which became known to many as the one drop rule.

According to The Racial Integrity Act of 1934, birth certificates and marriage certificates where to include categories for a persons race as either White or Coloured in Virginia. By this classification, many people classified as non-white where displaced and forced to be called coloured, thus beginning the race card.

When this happened, many melanated people around the world indirectly experienced the same discrimination like what happened to my grandparents.  In Canada, most melanated people where identified as coloured or negro even in the 1950s then, later came to be called Black Canadians.  In addition, places like Africville, saw the destruction of a community and families scattered with the loss of land, property and identity.

In 2019, at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, George Elliot Clarke shared his experience as an Indigenous Black in Canada as “a distinct group of people” from the influx of other melanated peoples.  He shared, growing up some people who gave birth to children who could pass for White would do as such to avoid oppression and for better opportunities or choose Black and live a life of ethical setbacks.  

Outlets spreading the idea of “Black” propped us up to be Black and Proud. Basically Degraded and Proud. Dehumanized and Proud is what we are really saying as the rest of us some how accepted being Black and Proud.  Contributing to paper genocide.

It is due time to stop being nice, in its original sense, and not be foolish to our purpose in this time. Yes, we can all rise above our dehumanized moment in history to get to a collective earthly one now and for the future.

Many universities have done studies on this already such as Brown University see here and other studies herehere, here and more reports here.


People in all positions of power and influence can assist our people where it matters first and foremost by stop using a word that was used to debase, dehumanize, displace and disenfranchise a group of people at the advancement of a group over another.

This is truly the next step to stopping any form of racism and the next step in breaking the mental chains of a false identity and the next step to show our lives really matter and the next step to align your support truly for our rights.

If our lives matter for real, stop using the word Black to represent the colour and a race of people known as Black.

In regards to the classification White, it is recommended that all people who identity as White to consider what that meant when arriving in North America as an immigrant.  It meant better social economic class.

Take note also that the usual Old English word for “black was swart” which (both blaec and swartz) is of German origin.  Etymology online states “In ME. it is often doubtful whether blacblakblake, means ‘black, dark,’ or ‘pale, colourless, wan, livid.’

In regards to identity, it is imperative that this is restored as well. However, the first step is stop using or referring to our people as Black.

It is requested that Oxford, Webster and all dictionaries have the word Black updated to no longer refer to this group or race of people or colour.

Here is a summary in the Oxford meaning in the dictionary which is contradictory to the truth, facts and experiences of the real affects from these labels whether we supported these terms in ignorance of truth or because laws such as the Racial Integrity Act made it possible.

Here is what Oxford dictionary says:

Black has been used to refer to African peoples and their descendants since at least the late 14th century. Although the word has been in continuous use ever since, other terms have enjoyed prominence too: in the US coloured was the term adopted in preference by emancipated slaves following the American Civil War, and coloured was itself superseded in the US in the early 20th century by Negro as the term preferred by prominent black American campaigners such as Booker T. Washington. In Britain, on the other hand, coloured was the most widely used and accepted term in the 1950s and early 1960s. With the civil rights and Black Power movements of the 1960s, black was adopted by Americans of African origin to signify a sense of racial pride, and it remains the most widely used and generally accepted term in Britain today. In the US African American replaced black in many contexts during the 1980s, but both are now generally acceptable.”

It’s time to free your mind from mental slavery none but ourselves can free our minds.

No, we are not Black and we must no longer endorse it or other terms used interchangeably as a means that implies dehumanization whether we are aware of this fact or not.  Politicians, journalists, media, broadcast networks, entertainers, artists, psychologists, advertisers, marketing, educators, scientists, religious, not-for-profits and for profits organizations are all called upon to stop propagating degradation, dehumanization and mental identity dysphoria by no longer referring to us as Black.

Companies and organizations are called upon to support this cause as well with its employees and the same for the school system with students, staff, teachers and counsellors.

As a people we are awakening to the grave realities of what has happened to all of us. It is going to take all of us, all nations working together in love, truth and light.

This may be challenging however, this call to action may be deeply hard upon the community who identifies as Black organizations in the name of Black, Negro or Coloured as these continue the narratives of titles that were enforced to represent degradation treatment.

This includes BET, NAACP, and others here in Canada, UK, across the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, Jerusalem and all other countries where organizations use the name Black or any of the above mentioned labels in their language are asked to join in to heal and restore to a nation of peoples a proper titled not based on social class.

White and other people who do not identify as Black or people of colour or Negro are asked to please respect whole-heartedly this call to action with the moral space without any backlash based on the truth and facts that Black was assigned to degrade and White was assigned first class status.  It was documented in the books and in the law codes.


No true advancement can happen properly without being restored our identity.   Apple would not be confused for a Blackberry and Blackberry is not confused for Apple.

We cannot be confused for pale and lacking or accepted as being degraded or dehumanized.

We do this all when we call ourselves, Black. You do this to us when you call us Black.

And for that we must give the Black card back.


Governments can provide grants or subsidy for companies or organizations that need to change their names

Staff can share with each other educational information on this history of what happened

Students must no longer be referred to as Black

Do not tick or sign off any box that you are Black, Coloured or Negro

Create more moral spaces for dialogues and conversations around this topic to restore balance in nature

Religious sects can ensure congregational members of their support and with groups for restorative justice – just as they got together in past to convert peoples of the land.  This time to restore truth.  Truth Missions


Many people always ask why they should care about the title Black.  That is doesn’t make any difference.  Or what’s the use now, I am too old to do anything?

For Black lives to matter correctly the people identified as Black, a term, particularly in the United States, and then around the globe was created to separate races, limiting one over the other is also one of the root issues surrounding identity and mental health in the African diaspora.

Finally, the word is questionable as to its true meaning even in colour.  Does black really mean white or does it mean black? What is the real colour of black?

So, you should care, and it’s very easy to make a difference at work, school, home, government, business, society and the world.

About The Reset Community

The Reset Community is a grassroots initiative campaigning for truth and reconciliation in identity for melanated peoples of the African diaspora. Its goal is to mobilize communities to be economically sustainable.

About Kerry-Ann Thomas

Kerry Ann Thomas is a Canadian Entrepreneur, freelance journalist, media personality and community advocate.  Her work includes public relations, politics, media, and social advancement through social innovation.

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