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Friday, August 27, 2021

(Toronto, ON) Residents in urban communities have far too long experienced being labelled “The Negro Problem.”

A problem that White communities fear and seek a resolution when it comes to political responses.

The negro problem has existed ever since being brought to North America and has become one that most thought could have resolved itself by now.

Regrettably, issues associated with the Negro problem has lead to systemic and institutional racism through the use of eugenism.

Urban communities are a prime example of what happens when a system neglects those that rely most on the very virtues required to be of the best genes.

Residents voices in these communities have been silenced far too long and many cultures are suffering from inadequate services. With some wanting to kill themselves from being overburdened from the system, methods and practices.

“They make feel like I want to kill myself,” said one resident when explaining the mental stress felt from his property managers.

“We’ve had over 6,000 signatures,” said another resident when mentioning that these current issues have been lingering since ten years ago when they gathered that many signatures through a not-for-profit.

On Monday, August 30, 2021 residents are holding a press conference to address these issues. The goal is a call for action from landlords, government, agencies, contractors, not-for-profits, corporations and other stakeholders to support residents in their call to end degrading, and inhumane treatment to residents of urban communities and support its call to change the social contract to benefit sustainable and livable communities.


DATE: Monday, August 30, 2021

TIME: 11:00 AM

PLACE: Corner of Jane and Wilson by Sheridan Mall and Gas Station.

For media inquiries contact: The Reset Community

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