After completing our field study report in January into systemic racism in underserved communities, our next step included observing patterns that persisted since that time and rate of response with results.

Here is our August 2021 experiment results on institutional racism.

We found at the Municipal level, Councillors can decide whether or not and where to place their attention.

Regrettably for underserved communities *awaiting* gentrification the responses are few and far between. Just as their presence in those communities except when election time occurs.

With this Federal election there are a lot of campaigns and promises on who is the best candidate. From our research observation it’s the one not willing to ignore urban residents any longer.

There are candidates in this election that have had opportunities to make a difference where it mattered when it mattered such as waste management, tenant-landlord issues, engaging youths in politics, yet rejected the idea of going to certain communities.

The usual responses of “for what?” seems to be very common unconscious or perhaps conscious bias.

To advance players in the game of politics who do not assist where it matters at one level could only be a detriment at another level.

Or perhaps this is what is desired.

One thing is for sure, after this research, the experience, the wounded residents, the many times ignored, it is hard to believe candidates can say they want to fight for their constituents when the amount of tears and agony from long standing issues seems to be mounting is an anomaly.

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