Who knew the day would come when pigs could fly, men would have babies and robots would be racist?

Well, two of the three are current trending topics.

But, it’s the robots being racist that we’ll address in this post.


Through algorithm bias artificial intelligence can discriminate!

We’ve not even cracked a whole nut in human race relations and now we’re adding artificial intelligence to the list of perpetrators.

How is this even possible?

It would seem logical for these artificial intelligent systems to have been programmed without bias towards race, culture, socio and economic backgrounds.

Before we tap into that thought stream, it’s important to note that the Negro race is under going one of the most grueling transformations on a mental, social and cultural level. This is altering the race before the race itself could properly build from a solid core.

The core of our race it seems is nearly gutted and stuffed with new ideologies and seeds of thoughts just as in the days of abolition. This is the bi-product the White man warned about.

This evidence was one of the most challenging to get past in systemic racism research. Primarily, due to the fact that the world in is such an imbalance mental state and when you are in the profession of humanities you have to look for solutions to problems that seems almost beyond hope.

You see, when abolitionists where fighting the slave owners, they planted seeds into the minds of Negros and other White profiteers on separation.

A quick summary of that juicy debate goes as follows:

Abolitionist renactment:

“Take the Negros from the plantation owners because we “abolitionists” want some of the profits by telling them “slave owners” how sinful slave owners are for having slaves and they should free the slaves so they “the slaves” can work for us “the abolitionists” for less and find their own way which we “the abolitionists” shall leave traces of ideological poison. The very ideologies that, you, plantation “slave” owners and religious buffs scoff at.”

Slave Owners:

“Free the slaves and your streets shall be sacked with Negros with no where to go, committing crimes, for they are animals without our graces. They’ll come for your daughters and bring terror upon our nation and ruin the very morals on which America was founded.”

When Brigham Young of the Mormon religious sect taught “the devil was Black, ” and you look at Black culture today – is he actually really incorrect?

The more celebrities brought to the masses seem to push the boundaries further and further to even dancing with and becoming the devil. The shadow self and conscious self now one.

John Taylor, Young’s fellow Mormon also taught on multiple occasions that the reason that Black people (those with the curse of Cain) were allowed to survive the flood was so that the devil could be properly represented on the earth through the children of Ham and his wife Egyptus.

The President of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, Warren Jeffs has made several documented statements such as “The black race is the people through which the devil has always been able to bring evil unto the earth.”

“[Cain was] cursed with a black skin and he is the father of the Negro people. He has great power, can appear and disappear. He is used by the devil, as a mortal man, to do great evils.”

A ‘Black’ man advertising himself as Satan

Looking past the hurt and pain of Negro history from a Negro perspective, there is a recurring message that resonates amongst European Forefathers. There is a Negro problem. Most terrifying is their warning of the Negro race and what is happening with the race today.

The Reset Community has a report on this topic which is going to go right to the core! We are also starting The Axiom Dialogues as part of our research and invite those interested in history, economics, AI, human relations and those with an interest for safe space learning to join the conversation.

According to our European Forefathers G-d cursed the seed of Ham and in the bible G-d discriminates. There are many inferences of bias with discriminatory treatment to various groups and nations.

The bible, a book written by men through the inspiration of G-d and angels “justifies” why some groups of religion are chosen and therefore entitled to slaves of other nations, classes or religions.

From G-d to man these biases, discrimination and now racist practices have for centuries killed millions through wars, others through famine, crime, loss of identity and more.

Now enters the AI robots turn to hand down the whips of discrimination onto the same group of people demanding “Black Lives Matter” and “Equal Rights.”

For Negros to get equal rights we’d have to be seen as equal. In the United States during the topic of freeing the Negro slaves there was another fascinating debate about how many Negros equals to one White man to count in the statistics and when considering Emancipation.

Now imagine this……

The year is 2035. AI robots have become dominant in the police force. Many jobs are replaced by AIs and people in high end jobs appear through hologram without having to leave their homes.

Human rights has now become Transhuman rights and it’s now illegal to disobey the commands of a robot.

You are a Negro man stopped by one of these robots who asks you to identify yourself.

True analytics was not applied to the algorithm programs 10 years before and now it does not recognize your claim that you are African or Black as now Black means White.

You are arrested for false identity tried in court where you are found guilty because the data from the robot algorithm doesn’t lie!

That of course is just a “what if” scenario of the future with the huge problem posed by algorithm biases.

“Machine learning models or algorithms have shown over the past few years that they can exhibit human traits like racism and sexism by misidentifying black people as gorillas (Barr, 2015) or perpetuating gender income inequality through ad suggestions (Datta et al., 2015).”

Currently, these biases do play a role across numerous spectrums such as access to employment where biases based on the persons name can occur or for mortgages through geographical information, quality of school and houses which creates issues.

This means that one could unintentionally end up targeting certain ethnicities within a city by tacking variables which are correlated with features like race, sex, or age even though the algorithm was not explicitly designed to look for these categories.

Data Science: The Problem of Data Algorithm and How to Prevent Them

So, even if it wasn’t programmed with biases, it some how ends up with them?

The point here is, there is a whole world of African history that has not been revealed to the very people who need it and not accessing our history before robots get here is like WTF.

Even using that term ‘Africa’ is apparently named after Leo Africanus. Some folks say Africanus was a title of some sort among some people in those days. Don’t you just love the ambiguity of African history?

So, is Africanus his name and then Africa was named after Africanus? Or did Leo acquire the title added to his name and then after some time later called Africa “Africa?”

Like sheesh! How many times when Negroes study their history is there some double history to the history just like our race category “Black?”

Either way, during that time Africa was like seriously popping. Particularly, Timbuktu, where Leo frequented and he was apparently born in North Africa.

Africa’s name at one time is said to have been Alkebulan meaning “Mother of Mankind” or “Garden of Eden.”

The name Africa is a phenomenon …however, there is one significance about Africa’s name…A school of thought argue that the name Africa never originated from within the people and her people never associated with the name.”

Is there any history to Negro people that is true? Like really?! Besides being devils and the means of which to bring evil to the world. Even though some how in art it’s okay?

Returning to that time in history when Africa or Alkebulan was popping is important particularly in Timbuktu as it was just around the time of the slave trade.

Timbuktu, formerly also spelled Timbuctoo and Timbuktoo, is a town in the West African nation of Mali situated 20 km north of the River Niger on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. 

It became a permanent settlement early in the 12th century. After a shift in trading routes, Timbuktu flourished from the trade in salt, gold, ivory and slaves. It became part of the Mali Empire early in the 14th century. In the first half of the 15th century the Tuareg tribes took control of the city for a short period until the expanding Songhai Empire absorbed the city in 1468. A Moroccan army defeated the Songhai in 1591, and made Timbuktu, rather than Gao, their capital. The invaders established a new ruling class, the arma, who after 1612 became virtually independent of Morocco.

It was visited by Mansa Musa, known then to have been the richest man and today it is said his riches would include the top billionaires combined.

This period saw anyone who was associated with wealth, power, influence or scholars all travel to Timbuktu to learn. Script writing was a dominate profession. Books and knowledge were known to be the wealth of the people. If anyone wanted to know anything they went to Timbuktu. That “mysterious” place.

From there we woke up in colonies and our stories begin as slaves cursed by G-d and here we are today.

So what’s all this got to do with AI?

G-d discriminates. Man discriminates. Now AI discriminates. There is a pattern here!

If we have no clue what happened to us unless we search it up and when we do we get double-twisted stories and now you want robots to tell us who we are in identity?

Okay! It’s one of those……..”It’s not us who are biased against you Negros – it’s the robots. Take it up with the bots or G-d!”

A very nifty way for man to seemingly exclude himself from any ramifications.

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