It’s time to play Guess Your Race?

Due to paper genocide, lost or stolen history, we’ll travel through the many pages of history books in hopes to find clues on what is the “Negro” #identity and the #race.

Welcome to our scientific word, Melanchro. Used by Herodutus to describe Negros, today’s ‘so called Blacks,’ in his writings from his visit to Egypt. (notice in this sentence there are three words used to describe this ambiguous race – Negros)

Herodotus regarded the Colchians as “dark-skinned and woolly-haired”, an Ancient Egyptian race. Herodotus states that the Colchians, with the Ancient Egyptians and the Ethiopians, were the first to practice circumcision, a custom which he claims that the Colchians inherited from remnants of the army of Pharaoh Sesostris (Senusret III)” (wiki)

When studying “Black History” enjoy the many layers of deception and lies you’ll have to uncover to get to the truth.

Writings from anti-Afrocentric people seems to have no end at the level of denial, cover-up and the favorite, “oh that’s not what they really means when they said ‘AEgyptians’ where Black.”

Meanwhile, everyone now knows that according to the Bible and the Torah in Gen: 10:6 ‘The descendants of Ham were Cush, Mizraim, Put, and Canaan. Gen 10:7 adds ‘the sons of Cush: Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, and Sabteca. And the sons of Raamah: Sheba and Dedan.’

Mizraim being Egypt. When White scholars or students or writers give their input that Egyptians are Euro-centric and that Afro centric scholars are fetching for an identity is down right bullying and propaganda that should be stopped. It doesn’t look good White people! No more than it looks good as a Melanchro/Melanin/Aethiop asking master for “Black” rights.

That fact that European forefathers lied to their children and to the world using the universities, books and institutions to push this lie is something European people need to take up with their parents. Not bash the quality evidence presented by a group of people European forefathers, the news, TV or some PR companies used to lie and say we were only just slaves.

That was the narrative sold to you, sold to us.

Our Afro centric scholars need to be applauded for their work in bringing truth to light. Scholars like Cheik Anta Diop, and Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, both deceased, are a must read for all races. “Stolen Legacy” by George G.M. James is a good place to start if you want to see the other side to the stories of Negro History.

It is these truths and many others that have helped Euro scholars to step up and acknowledge in some way these truths while many others continue to write disclaiming the truths discovered. They haven’t been given the green light it seems to tell the truth. Like the movie The Firm “You Can’t Handle The Truth.”

European forefathers have written claims Nimrod was a Hamite (Negro) and responsible for all the child sacrificing religion that Abraham of the bible was part of before called by G-d.

During abolition, as a reason for many slave owners to hold on to their slaves, they gave some very alarming details about the Negro people as Hamites.

Details included these people as ‘immoral, homosexuals,’ and the women are ‘promiscuous’ and the practice of child sacrifice was prevalent.

The temples created to worship the Goddess was a fertility cult and there were many temple prostitutes. The males were very common.

The artists today push the temple cult agenda. Interestingly, Hollywood, or early theatre was known to employ slaves and prostititutes.

The #metoo movement is not new. It has happened since the early days of theatre. Reddit asks this question “When did actors go from having the same social status as prostitutes to celebrities?

It goes on to say “Christian France and England denounced the theatre as an institution that acted against God, instructing spectators on the art of deceit— cite the moral reprehensibility of theatre, and specifically the actor in their own societies. Women in particular were a favorite target of these critics, especially 17th c. Japanese and English, as the act of witnessing a woman onstage was thought to be enough to degrade the upright moral sensibilities of the audience.” (reddit)

The disproval was based on two areas ‘moral and social’ disapprovals. From that time to now, not much has changed. It has only become worse.

“When did actors go from having the same social status as prostitutes to celebrities” takes for granted that actors occupied very low positions in their social hierarchies, which is widely true. …Because of the frequent travel, uncertainty in compensation, and general hand-to-mouth lifestyle of the troop, actresses would often double as prostitutes in order to gain some extra money for their family. …….. sources on record, detailing the precise reasons an actor is a better courtesan than a prostitute; Li Yu in particular writes of actresses whose entire careers are predicated on their skill as seducers of rich patrons.[6] Likewise, the entire success of early-Kabuki was based on the sexual relationship between female performers and the male audience who would purchase their services after the performance. Even in less systemized cases, the patron-artist relationship often carried a sexual bent, and when actors would need to receive popular support, rather than singular patronage, prostitution was an easy way to bring in funds.

It would appear record labels, movie and TV producers today are actively recruiting morally debased artists to influence others, marketing their lifestyle as enticing and awarding this deviancy. This is not assisting our social, political and cultural advancements.

The question people of the world need to be asking is “can we morally afford this type of propaganda?” It is beyond obvious where this is headed is not going to be good.

The record labels, directors, producers, “creators” and “artists” seem to enjoy arousing White people through Negro peoples immorality, and debased actions passed off as art to the masses.

Can we afford for Negros or any other race for that matter to parade around to the world the very thing European forefathers warned against and were opposed to?


From Nimrod we get the Phoenicians who were known to have invented the compass.

From Phoenicians to Egyptians to Carthaginians whom Rome after numerous failed attempts, finally conquered. These negros became Rome possession and many later serving as soldiers.

It is essential Melanchroes really comprehend how their actions are contributing to the destruction of humanity as we know it. Being used to sell and drive the current deviancy forward.

Negro people cannot afford their souls to be used as tools by Public Relations firms and marketing companies to help create destruction by promoting and endorsing this debasement.

Ever since Black Lives Matter the only Black lives that matter it seems are black deeds.

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