“nothing less than crimes against humanity.”


November 5, 2021

By Kerry A. Thomas

Women + widows, children, elders, nature and orphans!

These were man’s appointed dominion on earth.

To govern and rule over the earth. North, south, east and west. Air, land and seas with utmost care for women+widows, children elders, nature and orphans.

It’s now 2021. How have we done?

In nature biodiversity, food, climate change and CO2 emissions are challenges the world now seeks solutions.

Socially, society is experiencing a form of breakdown or transformation in a manner that seems to unveil a stark side attributed to various ideologies and ancient practices.

Many families around the world are engaging in age old practices that seem to keep buried secrets that are only harming humanity.

This year, a report revealed the French Catholic church had abused over 230,000 children. Yahoo news published on Friday that French bishops acknowledged the church allowed abuses to become ‘systemic’. 

French bishops have “accepted that the Catholic church bore an “institutional responsibility” in the many thousands of child abuse cases documented in a shock report, an admission many abuse victims had been pushing for.”

Children at residential schools “suffered extreme emotional and spiritual abuse from being torn from their families, and were severely punished for any expression of their language, culture, or religion. Physical and sexual abuse of children was common.” 

According to Harvard Divinity School’s case file on Residential Schools of Canada the Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, United, and Presbyterian churches all participated. Employing many theological justifications for this system.

This year, following the discovery of the remains of 215 undocumented children, some as young as 3, under a former residential school in British Columbia, calls are mounting for leaders and staff of residential schools to be punished.”

The Canadian government has formally apologized for its role in residential schools and on September 30, 2021, announced the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

This year, Kevin O. Smith, now deceased, an alleged religious cult leader connected to the Presbyterian and Pentecostal denomination lured his followers into human sacrifice ritual. Educated in the Canadian school system and was ordained the National Evangelist for Canada by his Bishops.

For further detail on this incident this October, Newsweek has an article on the story.

Jeffrey Epstein, now deceased, was accused of sexually exploiting and trafficking dozens of underage girls.

“The sex trafficking of underage children is driven by demand, but poverty fuels the supply,” says an article by Global Citizen.

Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Cosby each separately accused, tried and sentenced as part of the me too movement.

Then, there is the porn industry, human trafficking and sex slaves that rakes in “billions of dollars.” How can this even be humanly possible?

“Globally, the sex trafficking industry is a multi-billion dollar business whose victims are overwhelmingly vulnerable and poor girls and women.” Global Citizen.

Has anyone ever stopped to ask – how can this industry be valued at such a high cost?

How can human trafficking be BIG business?

Who is purchasing women and children to abuse and seek to ruin their lives? Going against the five pillars to govern and have dominion.

Who does such things?

It turns out this goes centuries back in time to before Christ and even Alexander the Greek.

Does it have to continue on further though?

Ancient Incest

It is said that Ham in the bible was cursed for possibility either violating his father or for having relations with his mother. His father’s wife.

Lots two daughters had relations with their father and became impregnated to carry on their bloodline.

Even the stories of some of “the Gods” include marriage between siblings.

What is incest and is it a practice that is meant to be practiced?

According the many subjects along our clinical research, they feel it shouldn’t.

Prior to my research in racism and The Reset Community, as a journalist, I had the prvildege to do field study research with people from LGBTQ communities. Both males and females shared their stories about abuse they experienced as children growing up. Mostly from a family member.

One woman, a lesbian, shared she was sexually abused by her adopted father. He had abused her and her adopted sister. When she grew up and took him to court, her expression of those experiences is that it allowed her to know what evil is and looks like.

Coming from a family of doctors and being adopted, the only thing she could do was forgive him.

Another story, was a man from Jamaica abused by his uncle. Unable to come to terms if he is gay or not. Did he want it or not? Was he groomed or not? The tears rolling from his soul torn between shame and guilt.

Many in this area of research expressed their utmost disdain for their experiences being violated by those they trusted and to whom they were entrusted.

Around the world, victims and survivors on both sides suffer in silence or in shame. Even the perpetrators some of them too were once victims.

Resetting Our Communities Through Healing

The Reset Community is reaching out to victims and survivors of incest and perpetrators in separate group dealings of research and development.

We’d like to help victims by establishing a space and place for them to enhance their healing with the help of The Reset Community and those who see the need to reach out and help at this time.

The perpetrators we are seeking is to interview and conduct clinical research to get a better understanding from their world, why they do what they do.

Each shall have their own confidential experience with The Reset Community.

Here are 12 keys to overcome abuse or incest that we’ve put together gathered from field studies, experts on the subject, victims and perpetrators.

12 Keys to Overcome Abuse and Incest

  1. GET OUT OF THE CIRCUMSTANCE (The first moment you can, get out of the circumstance. And where possible do not be in the presence at that person again)
  2. ALWAYS TELL SOMEONE (Your parent, close relative, someone you trust. Some people are in spaces that does not allow them to express to others they have been violated)
  3. WRITE ABOUT IT (Keep a journal, keep a blog, do vlog -share your story online if no one around you is listening)
  4. DONT’ STOP TRUSTING IN THE CREATOR AND YOUR WORTH (We are stronger than our fears, traumas or abuse – trust even though what seems unbearable is happening or has happened – your story and your life has a bigger purpose – do not ever forget that)
  5. KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES (Abusers like to make their victims feel unworthy or are controlling. Having or developing emotional intelligence helps.
  6. REFRAIN FROM REPEATING THE ABUSE TO OTHERS (Some people who have been abused find it hard to connect with young people out of fear they might abuse them too. Remember if you repeat the act – you are passing the seed of harm and evil on to someone else)
  7. START OR JOIN A GROUP (Just like The Reset Community, we started our group to help change the social contract for the community, by the community. You can become a member or volunteer). Staying active and renewing your mind in various activities helps to rebuild)
  8. DO MANADALA ART OR OTHER CREATIVE WORK: Mandala art is known to help heal the soul and even awaken inner strengths and talents. Mandala in Sanskrit means “container of the essence.” In the article Mandala – Geometric pattern, color and many more it mentions that according to a Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung, “a mandala is the psychological expression of the totality of the self”. Other creative work helps too like drawing, painting, cooking and gardening.
  9. PUBLISH YOUR STORY: Many people have been abused by a family member, or someone close to the family, church or school and cannot or are afraid to speak. Share your story in a book or you can even do it as a fiction or comic book.
  10. CLEANSE YOUR BODY, MIND, SOUL AND SPIRIT. (take time in nature, reaffirm your worthiness and divine purpose that you are not your pain, hurt or past traumas. It is essential to cleanse your aura of the hurt and pain and those harmful energies)
  11. INCREASE YOUR FREQUENCY. Many people operate on a low vibrational frequency eating low vibrational food. This can keep someone in low vibrational emotions and mental thoughts. Changing your diet to include high vibrational foods will help to elevate your soul and heart chakras)
  12. RECLAIM YOUR BIRTHRIGHT: You were not born to be in pain and suffering but were groomed to be and thus, you must ungroom yourself to reclaim your birthright and true purpose of talents, gifts and abilities in this existence.

Here is a very engaging video by, The Four Elements, on what families can do to help support victims as well suggestions on preventive methods.

Learn more about different types of offenders, this video by, Dr. Jeff Kieliszeski, Forensic Psychologist who shares his perspective on what to look for in perpetrators.

Remember the five pillars in your daily actions and interactions to rule and govern appropriately your thoughts and decisions. The five pillars are Women + Widows, Elders, Children, Orphans and Nature.

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About the Contributor:

Kerry A. Thomas is a charismatic Public Relations and Communications Specialist based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is co-founder of The Reset Community, host of The Reset News and currently conducts clinical research as a Systemic Racism Explorer. Her professional experience includes journalism, politics, media relations and was a candidate in the 2018 Running Man Municipal Elections. She has served in various communities for 20 years on boards and committees. Now, she is embarking on redefining the narrative by helping to reshape the world.

You can find her at

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