(Toronto, Ontario, VLPress 11.11.2021 @11:11) Veterans of Colour have demonstrated bravery and great spirit when “they fought to fight” to serve in the military. 

Those who survived, many became prominent members of society worldwide. 

This Remembrance Day, the group formerly known as the Black Veteran Affairs calls on brothers and sisters, along with fellow Canadians. To reflect on the valiant memory of the men and women who served in the military and armed forces.

In addition, you can support our GOFUNDME campaign for a Veterans of Colour Monument, Memorial Wall and Garden.

This Remembrance Day, let us remember all veterans. “What they lived for and what they died for, let’s cherish their lives; not just in memory, but right actions,” says Kerry Ann Thomas, advocate for veterans health and well being.

You may also help the group reach 100 signatures in support of the monument, wall and garden.

Everyone’s support for this initiative is immensely appreciated in memory of veterans.


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Veterans Advocate Kerry-Ann Thomas pictured with Sergeant Gary in The Globe and Mail Newspaper

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