Friday, November 26, 2021

(Updated Tuesday, August 9, 2022) sign pledge here

Housing providers, organizations, universities, student housing, camps, boarding rooms, hotels, Airbnb, property managers, landlords, not-for-profits, member based organizations, institutions, corporations, developers, government, agencies, boards and commission are encouraged to support diversity and inclusion for fair and above adequate housing, housing standards and housing rights.

The Decade for the Declaration for the People of the African Diaspora calls on Nations, global communities, corporations and other actors to support and protect people of the African Diaspora. In addition, to combat racism practices that have existed since slavery.

The declaration by the United Nations runs from 2014-2024 and it’s clear outside of anti-racism initiatives which happened only because of George Floyd that we are behind with only 2 years remaining to make a difference.

Some housing providers provide services such as tax clinic info, mental health information, financial information, and youth scholarships. This are all beneficial.

While providing these options, housing has and continues to be issues in marginalized communities. From landlord biases and practices, to poor infrastructures to low quality foods, large amounts of waste, to poorly managed buildings to below average customer service.

All are encouraged to practice customer service that does not provide devalued service to residents or tenants. Many of whom have expressed frustration in dealing with management and staff due to lack of empathy and compassion.

The world of business and the future is vastly changing. Social innovation is leading that change. Where before business was only about the bottom line – profit. It is now essential to incorporate the livelihood, happiness and sustainability of communities.

Community-led businesses are now the way of the future.

Companies that consider the happiness of communities, people and the environment.

In today’s hyper-connected world, one country’s societal problems can become ours. Nations are facing slow economic growth, financial instability, political turmoil, hunger, poverty and disease. These are all social issues that have to be addressed, one way or the other, and such big problems generate big business opportunities. In fact, more than 80% of economic growth comes from innovation and application of new knowledge.

A truly prosperous society in our days consists of both economic prosperity and social prosperity. Traditionally, we assessed if a country was prosperous by looking at its GDP. Today, it’s becoming more common to also consider peace and happiness, individual freedoms and liberties and financial wellbeing. Source: VIIMA

Take the pledge to end institutional and environmental racism known to plague marginalized communities. Pledge to ensure peace and happiness are the essential priorities in all communities, particularly marginalized and underserved communities. Take the pledge to support #FairHousing.

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