Friday, November, 26, 2021

For too long the so-called “Black” culture have the been the joke of global society.

The Reset Community encourages an end to this black humour performed by public relation firms, media outlets, advertising agencies, publicists, corporations, government and institutions.. It is authentic to invest in real #identiysolutions. Help end racism and take the pledge to stop categorizing Melanin Dominant Humans as “Black. “

The word “Black” is a hate speech continued to be used to describe People of Colour.

The anti-racism initiative, for it to be true and authentic, is to immediately stop using a term that does not define the Melanin Dominant Human.

The Melanin Dominant Human is unaware that the word Black means White. Or that both Black and White were terms introduced in 1680, which helped to fuel the division between Black and White. Black people, at one point, where not even permitted to be a Christian.

They were to be degraded and denied or given limited privileges as White. White people were to enjoy the privileges, that in some cases lead to abuse of power that today is calling on anti-racism initiatives.

To call a Melanin Dominant Human “Black” knowing the #significant connection to racism, classism, and degradation is like calling a Person a “Beast” and they accept it, not knowing he/she is not a Beast. It’s not appropriate, is it?

These are some of the effects of slavery and mental slavery.

The embarrassing part is the media, public relations firms, government and other entities continue to call Melanin Dominant Humans “Black” and say they are being inclusive.

It is making a fool of the masses ignorance. It is a shameful and degrading act by the powers that be towards a race meant to be healing properly.

The Reset Community has created an identity solutions strategy that begins with putting an end to the word “Black” to identify Melanin Dominant Humans.

“If it’s going to cause confusion, or if it’s distracting, I sometimes advise students that if something is changing then stick with the old form because you’re not likely to get up the noses of our readers that way,” said Professor Burridge.

“Black once used to mean white if you go back far enough in time. It’s related to bleach and blanch. All those words are related, even bald because bald was a white shiny head,” she adds.

Public Relations firms, advertising, media, institutions, corporation and the government are making global fools of Melanin Dominant Humans which is opposite to anti-racism, diversity and inclusion.

It is blatant in your face racism due to lack of knowledge. Melanin Dominant Humans were robbed of identity during the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

People in positions of power and influence have greater responsibility to uphold high level standards when dealing with Melanin Dominant humans by discontinuing with the blatant disregard for truth.

Through social innovation and identity solutions the Melanin Dominant community, government, media, public relations, advertising, institutions, housing providers, corporations, companies, nonprofits and not-for-profits are encouraged to take this huge step in restoring identity.

Take the Pledge to help Melanin Dominant Humans authentically heal now and for the next generations. End covert racism, and hate speech by supporting authentic anti-racism solutions by no longer calling Melanin Dominant Humans “Black” in the media, online, in the education system, on forms, in surveys and any other media channels, initiatives or platforms.

“Knowledge is power.” – Thomas Hobbes

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