The holiday season is here and we are spreading lots of cheer!

Discover the world of Melanin products that you’ll enjoy and want to share!

The Reset Community is using social innovation to solve identity solutions that affect African the Diaspora.

As our readers and supporters know by now, we are leading the change toward solutions for identity of Melanin Dominant Humans.

By shopping Melanin style you are showcasing your support for identity solutions of Ebony people, globally.

Experience a world of creative products that shall make unique gifts for you, your family and co-workers.

For Ebony businesses or Entrepreneurs that register you have the opportunity to give back to communities. Particularly underserved communities to ensure their access to above adequate services and infrastructure development.

A key feature for Entrepreneurs is enrolment in our Public Relations initiative that provides additional services to companies.

Customers of all nations get to embrace diversity and inclusion through experiential shopping.

Register your business here.

Products will be displayed under our SHOP tab where you can also access The Reset Community products.

Before you go, remember to take the pledge and share.

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It’s a #culturereset! Are you in?

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For the society, by society!

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