Friday, December 31, 2021

By Kerry-Ann Thomas

There is a saying when you go woke you broke!

Ever wonder why?

It seems that being woke calls to the forefront issues that many prefer to keep hidden or buried under a carpet in order to carry on certain agendas that only benefits some.

Those who become “woke” to these agendas are considered non team players and that’s why when you go woke you go broke. The system cannot sustain someone clearly opposed to its diabolical methods that are against humanity that it wants to present as for humanity.

But no one ever mentions the beauty and the true richness of being woke. Yes, at one time being woke you would go broke as no one wanted to step out of line of the narrative and lose their material perks.

Today, it’s a new ball game and true woke is the new normal. Now, if you’re not woke that’s when you can go broke!

But there are two types of woke!

There is the mainstream type of woke. The woke where the narrative is controlled about what it means to be woke. With their selected spokespersons and groups that help push the agenda of Critical Race Theory.

It’s why employees have to engage in diversity and inclusion because we all now have to get along in more false narratives to avoid offending someone at work.

It helped opened the door to cancel culture yet at the same time nothing really gets canceled.

Let’s take for example the many shows like Gone with The Wind that was on the cancel culture list for being racially offensive. Yet, artists go around singing songs calling themselves beasts. Having lap dances with the devil in the name of art-fart. Calling their body parts a garage waiting for a big dump truck, or using such words as savage like Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty lingerie line.

Women want respect yet entertainment and media news are always talking about who is making out with who and who’s out on the streets in their underwear and all other sorts of slackness.

We want men to respect women yet woman are always flaunting themselves in manners that real men actually don’t respect. Or men are taunted to fantasize about other women leading to adultery in some cases. The bible states even the thought is adultery.

Games such as Grand Theft Auto encourages the most debasing behaviors ever. Yet the world wants to stop crime and violence. Netflix has a flood of shows that are full of gore and the super natural yet we should cancel shows about racism. Satirically, the same group consisting of those who call themselves “Black”, LGBTQ and women are calling for cancel culture are the same ones debasing themselves as they say its part of the their culture. That is Black culture. And anyone can be Black when it comes to that type of culture. At that point it’s not about a race but a lifestyle that is debasing. That is Black culture.

That ladies and gentlemen is the backwards woke.

Yes. It makes no sense. The worse part is other races are forced to accept this.

The real woke ladies and gentlemen is about real truth. And that truth is we all were robbed. That is the real woke.

We were robbed our true histories, purposes and destinies.

This is where being really woke comes to be a huge benefit and that is where profits enter.

Here are the 10 benefits to being woke that won’t get you broke!

1. YOLO. Yes, that Drake term really means a lot. You only live once. That doesn’t mean to live it foolishly. No. It means you only have one life to live to take yourself seriously. You can stay asleep or go fake woke or be really woke.

2. You end up living your best life. Yes, once you begin to awaken to all the lies, you begin to wonder how you could have ever lived your life any other way. It’s like having a tall glass of refreshing water on a hot day or after long hours of work.

3. There is something very empowering and tantalizing about being true woke. It activates those chemicals in your brain and body that almost make you super human. SHHH don’t reveal that secret.

4. When you meet other true woke people it’s like a breath of fresh air and together can redefine the narrative.

5. Mastermind groups take on a whole new level bringing creativity to new heights. This is the future of business.

6. Being true woke prevents you, your time and your skills from being taken advantage of or manipulated. When you are true woke you see past the false narratives, the propaganda and the fake news.

7. You become properly connected to your true purpose and reclaim your destiny.

8. The revenue you can earn being true woke is unlimited. Because you are now tapped into the universal source of abundance in truth, love and light. The earth right now is doing its part to sustain what is real, right and true. So should you.

9. True woke frees your soul while fake woke traps it.

10. When you look into the mirror, you begin to love yourself all over again each and every day.

So what can you do now to start your true woke journey?

You can start by forgiving yourself if you are not already true woke. Yes, you’ll feel like a fool at first, then even perhaps pissed off that you’ve been lied to for generations but then when you meet others who now get it just like you – you begin to enjoy being woke. So forgive yourself and then begin to live your life on purpose.

Meet others or start your own group or become part of The Reset Community in many ways even as a mentor.

Read lots of cool books. A must read is Black Skin White Mask. It will blow your mind and feed that true woke spirit.

That true woke spirit is going to need to eat nutritious foods. Yes, developing a daily woke menu is going to help enhance your new woke super powers.

These are some benefits and key strategies you can begin to enjoy the new normal of being true woke.

Share your results with us!

Remember, unity is our strength!

“Umojah Ndio Nguvu Yetu”

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