(Toronto, ON VL Press 12.31.2021) The Reset Community announces the launch of the Melanin Economic and Cultural Fund.

This groundbreaking response to identity solutions is a compliment to the Canadian Urban Prosperity Framework launched in 2020 as part of the “Woke Campaign Launches Systemic Racism Solutions for the Future” initiative.

The framework was first presented in 2018 at a time when racial solutions were not a vital and critical importance.

Melanin Dominant Humans have experienced decades of delays in cultural and economic solutions in identity.

This is a fund to represent MDH outside of the inappropriate classification title, Black. A term that does not represent the group in which it is assigned. Even The Reset Community have had to make adjustments in many initiatives that have used the racially biased term.

“Just as the LGBTQ group have achieved success in being relabeled as “they/them.” The Reset Community trusts the global community shall respect our right to be labeled correctly and not be called ‘Black.’” says Kerry-Ann Thomas, Director at The Reset Community.

The MDH group throughout history have been known as Ethiopians, Kushite, Nubian, Sable and Negroes but includes anyone with one or more drops of melanin. In entertainment, poetry and the arts, Ebony, is a term often used to represent “People of Colour”. All of these terms are classified under the scientific term Melanin Dominant Humans.

The Reset Community sees identity as a huge threat in the future as the world is vastly changing from a real world to a metaverse. AI advancements and social changes have created the best opportunity for identity solutions that for the Melanated community is long overdue.

The United Nations has declared 2015-2024 the Decade for People of the African Diaspora and we have only two years remaining to make a huge impact in cultural reformation.

In addition, Canada has signed on to anti-racism initiatives.

“The next best step to support an end to racism is to restore identity, our history, art and legacies,” says Thomas.

The Melanin Economic and Cultural Fund provides investment opportunities for community enhancement, mentorship, entrepreneurial and small business support, crowdfunding, economic and cultural solutions.

Partners are called on at this time to participate in the MEC Fund and urged to connect with The Reset Community.

Global citizens that want to represent the skin they are in and their cultural legacy are encouraged to participate in the Melanin Economic and Cultural Fund.

Nations, Public Relation firms, corporations and organizations are called on to support identity solutions.

The Reset Community shall provide further updates on the MEC Fund in the early part of the new year in 2022 and anticipate a strong response of support from Global Citizens.

The Reset Community objectives along with the Melanin Economic and Cultural Fund are:

1. Give back to the community
2. Provide a safe, working and collaborative space for professionals, students, researchers, journalists and other professionals
3. Provide employment
4. Give back to supporters/partners/investors.
5. Train/Educate/Invest in business development and training
6. Provide co-op placements
7. Marketing and Technology

Together, let’s make 2022 the year to walk the talk. To achieve the outlined goals, unity is our strength. “Umoja Ndio Nguvu Yetu”

It’s a culture reset. Are you in?

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