Pop the champagne. Let’s celebrate!

Elites have uttered the call for a New World Order.

That could not have been easy.

Considering two years ago if anyone dared to mentioned the term ‘New World Order’ they were considered conspiracy ‘crazies.’ Oops, conspiracy ‘theorists.’

Fading superpower Unites States of America President Joe Biden has found a way to coherently speak the words for a New World Order.

“Now is a time when things are shifting,” Biden told a crowd of CEOs at the Business Round table’s quarterly meeting on March 21 of this year. “There’s going to be a new world order out there, and we’ve got to lead it.  And we’ve got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.”

That same month, while much of the “mainstream” world spent idle time over and debating the celebrity spectacle surrounding ‘toxic Negro male masculinity’ between American actor Will Smith slapping American comedian Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards, the international elitists were meeting in Dubai from March 28th to the 30th for the 2022 World Government Summit.

It’s not always a treat to watch Negro males being used as ponds and distractions to more important global news – yet it happens quite often. The summit included elites and globalist from around the world such as corporate media journalists, heads of state, and CEOs of some of the most profitable companies in the world met for discussions on shaping the direction of the next decade and beyond.

All of the top people were there, including “Mr. Wonderful.” Canada’s Kevin O’Leary from Lang and O’Leary Exchange and The Dragons’ Den. The summit was kicked off by Klaus Schwab, the leader of the World Economic Forum. The topic of the first session was “Are We Ready for a New World Order?”

The question to the rest of us, are we ready for “THEIR” new world order?

What is the New World Order?

According to Wikipedia, The New World Order (NWO) is a conspiracy theory which hypothesizes a secretly emerging totalitarian world government.

After the U.S. President speech calling for a New World Order and the World Government Summit in March of this year, any doubts about the New World Order ambitions of the United Nations (UN) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) were recently eliminated when it was announced that UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres and Klaus Schwab had signed an agreement to accelerate Agenda 2030.

“Let’s also be clear: The future is not just happening. The future is built by us, by a powerful community as you here in this room,” Schwab said, owning up to the agenda that so-called conspiracy theorists have been warning about for generations,” commented Rand Paul, an American physician and politician elected to the United States senate in 2010.

According to Bill Domhoff, many people seem to believe that the United States is ruled from behind the scenes by a conspiratorial elite with secret desires, i.e., by a small, secretive group that wants to change the government system or put the country under the control of a world government.

In the past, the conspirators were usually said to be crypto-communists who were intent upon bringing the United States under a common world government with the Soviet Union, but the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 undercut that theory. Domhoff notes that most conspiracy theorists changed their focus to the United Nations as the likely controlling force in a New World Order, an idea which is undermined by the powerlessness of the U.N. and the unwillingness of even moderates within the American Establishment to give it anything but a limited role.

According to the historical background into the history of warfare between secret societies, conspiracy theorists go further than David Rothkopf, and other scholars who have studied the global power elite. These CTs claim that established upper-class families with “old money” who founded and finance the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Club, Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, Rhodes Trust, Skull and Bones, Trilateral Commission, and similar think tanks and private clubs, are illuminated conspirators plotting to impose a totalitarian New World Order.

The way they plan to achieve this is through the implementation of an authoritarian world government controlled by the United Nations and a global central bank, which maintains political power through the financialization of the economy, regulation and restriction of speech through the concentration of media ownership, mass surveillance, widespread use of state terrorism, and an all-encompassing propaganda that creates a cult of personality around a puppet world leader and ideologizes world government as the culmination of history’s progress.

If the New World Order was a conspiracy – when did it become a reality ready to be accepted as a confession by the Elites?

Apparently Agenda 21, now the UN Sustainable Goals is the road map for The New World Order.

Social critics accuse governments, corporations, and the mass media of being involved in the manufacturing of a national consensus and, paradoxically, a culture of fear due to the potential for increased social control that a mistrustful and mutually fearing population might offer to those in power. The worst fear of some conspiracy theorists, however, is that the New World Order will be implemented through the use of mind control—a broad range of tactics able to subvert an individual’s control of their own thinking, behavior, emotions, or decisions. These tactics are said to include everything from Manchurian candidate-style brainwashing of sleeper agents (Project MKULTRA, “Project Monarch“) to engineering psychological operations (water fluoridation, subliminal advertising, “Silent Sound Spread Spectrum“, MEDUSA) and parapsychological operations (Stargate Project) to influence the masses.

Conspiracy theorists have generally speculated that the New World Order is being implemented gradually. Based on the current global economic and social climate were these so-called conspiracy ‘crazies’ – oops, conspiracy ‘theorists’ wrong?

Several organization formations have long been suspected of leading the masses to a New World Order such as U.S. Federal Reserve System in 1913; the League of Nations in 1919; the International Monetary Fund in 1944; the United Nations in 1945; the World Bank in 1945; the World Health Organization in 1948; the European Union and the Euro in 1993; the World Trade Organization in 1998; the African Union in 2002, and the Union of South American Nations in 2008 as major milestones.

An increasingly popular conspiracy theory among American right-wing populists is that the hypothetical North American Union and the amero currency, proposed by the Council on Foreign Relations and its counterparts in Mexico and Canada, will be the next milestone in the implementation of the New World Order. The theory holds that a group of shadowy and mostly nameless international elites is planning to replace the federal government of the United States with a transnational government. Therefore, conspiracy theorists believe the borders between Mexico, Canada, and the United States are in the process of being erased, covertly, by a group of globalists whose ultimate goal is to replace national governments in Washington, D.C., Ottawa, and Mexico City with a European-style political union and a bloated E.U.-style bureaucracy.

That’s what wikipedia had to say.

Here are words from Klaus Schwab, the Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum as he boasted to his audience last Monday at the organization’s first in-person summit in two years in Davos.

To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism

References to a “new world order” have spread on social media amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the term gained significant traction after it was used by U.S. President Joe Biden’s March Speech.

Are you ready for the New World Order?

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