Alright, the title might be a bit of word play on the word “allies.” You’ve got to admit it is a bit catchy! Plus, some how the word “allies” makes two words, “all lies”.

It also fits the theme of our topic we are going to explore in this article.

China’s diversified investment portfolio across developing and developed nations could be seen as bullishly “buying allies” to global dominance. Opposing those with different viewpoints and funding allies who support their agenda. These allies could be collectively pushing the same narratives to its nations and where possible implement a social credit system. That’s at least the general consensus by certain researchers, journalists, academics and others following the news around the news presented as sources for this article.

While Europe’s economic relations with China continue to move forward cautiously, now that economies are facing a massive downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, both NATO and EU officials are warning governments to guard against a potential Beijing buying spree on critical infrastructure.

“We need to do more to protect Western technology from being bought up by Chinese companies,” John Sawers, the former chief of Britain’s MI6, told Sky News this week. “I don’t think it’s an existential threat in the way the Soviet Union was in the Cold War, but nevertheless there is going to be deep rivalry over control of technology.”

What readers need to know is sharing this enlightening conversation piece can help better decision making regarding the social credit system and those with whom this is shared. Government agencies do compile and share data on judgments against individuals or companies as stated in a 2019 Time Magazine article How China Is Using “Social Credit Scoresto Reward and Punish Its Citizens.

The Times article shares some details on China’s social-credit scoring which is best understood not as a single system but as an overarching ideology: encompassing punishments and rewards, to improve governance and stamp out disorder and fraud. Commercial schemes mostly handle the perks, while the state schemes the punishments. Both work in concert to encourage socially responsible behavior.

In the event someone fails to pay a fine or court-ordered compensation, or default on debts, it is then possible to be placed on the “List of Untrustworthy Persons.” Yup!

Blacklisted individuals cannot make “luxury purchases,” high-speed rail and air tickets or hotel rooms. According to Time Magazine, five million people have been barred from high-speed trains and 17 million from flights under the scheme. “The ripple effect on every part of your life becomes a multiplier on punishments,” says professor Frank Pasquale, a Big Data expert at the University of Maryland in the 2019 Time Magazine issue.

In a speech Oct. 4, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence described it as “an Orwellian system premised on controlling virtually every facet of human life.”

This overlapping mishmash of commercial and state-run systems stoked fears that China’s autocratic Communist Party planned by 2020 to implement a single citizen score using opaque algorithms that’s largely political.

You can read the full Time Magazine article here.

It’s now 2022. Over the past few years, The People’s Republic of China is accredited for a successful implementation of its experimental social credit system by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“There’s a level of admiration I actually have for China’ says Prime Minister Trudeau. Adding “because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually economically make a return on their dollar.”

These return on the dollar includes questionable practices. In certain areas of China, should you call a blacklisted person on the phone you’ll hear a siren and recorded message saying: “Warning, this person is on the blacklist. Be careful and urge them to repay their debts.” When a blacklisted person crosses certain intersections in Beijing, facial-recognition technology projects their face and ID number on massive electronic billboards. Beijing-based lawyer Li Xiaolin was blacklisted after a court apology he gave was deemed “insincere.” Unable to buy tickets, he was stranded 1,200 miles from home.

“It was ridiculous,” he says.

Do keep in mind the high rise in mental health cases affecting people of social and economic backgrounds. These practices can surely add to the increase of mental health issues.


It is claimed in The Times article ‘although it sounds draconian, the repercussions of blacklisting “tend to be coercive rather than punitive,” China legal scholar Jeremy Daum says. Once you’ve complied with the court ruling, you’re ‘theoretically’ scrubbed from the blacklist. Essentially, the system utilizes technology to enforce existing legal prohibitions through shame and hardship rather than by adding a new layer of arbitrary regulation. Despite being blacklisted himself, Li is in favor of the system overall. “It’s good for society,” he says.

Good according to whom and how?

The fear, however, is that it will also be good for a Chinese government, Western societies and to other nations ‘eager to quash free speech and root out dissenters.’ Under the state systems, “spreading rumors” is disproportionately penalized. In one region, neighborhoods have dedicated watchers to record deeds and misdeeds. See our article Espionage In The City | When Spies Fall In Love. As the state continues to persecute religious minorities like the Uighurs and silence outspoken academics, the worry is what metrics the social-credit systems may extend to next.

“It used to be that if an activist were going to go participate in something and the Chinese Communist Party wanted to prevent them from leaving or prevent them from partaking in something, they would send a bunch of thugs to go and prevent them from going,” he explained. “But now, what they can do is on a computer, they can change the status — vaccination status or other health information — to make it so they can’t even buy a plane ticket or a train ticket to go somewhere.”

Well beyond the realm of online consumer purchasing, your political involvement could also heavily affect your score: Posting political opinions without prior permission or even posting true news that the Chinese government dislikes could decrease your rank.

Even more worrying is that the government will be technically capable of considering the behavior of a Chinese citizen’s friends and family in determining his or her score. For example, it is possible that your friend’s anti-government political post could lower your own score. Thus, the scoring system would isolate dissidents from their friends and the rest of society, rendering them complete pariahs. Your score might even determine your access to certain privileges taken for granted in the U.S., such as a visa to travel abroad or or even the right to travel by train or plane within the country. One internet privacy expert warns: “What China is doing here is selectively breeding its population to select against the trait of critical, independent thinking.”

In 2018 the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television of the People’s Republic of China (SAPPRFT), China’s top media regulator, released a list of dont’s through a statement from Gao Changli, director of the administration’s publicity department aimed at hip hop culture.

According to a new report from Time magazine, China has banned hip-hop culture and actors with tattoos from appearing on television, calling both “tasteless, vulgar and obscene.”

The announcement follows a string of removals, scandals, and apologies from Chinese rappers, including PG One, who was forced to apologize when his song, “Christmas Eve,” was censured as promoting drug culture and demeaning women, VaVa, who was cut from the variety show Happy Camp, and GAI, who was removed from Hunan TV’s talent competition show Singer, and his disappearance from related clips on the show’s official Youtube channel.

The country is perfecting a vast network of digital espionage as a means of social control—with implications for democracies worldwide writes Anna Mitchell and Larry Diamond in their 2018 The Atlantic article titled China’s Surveillance State Should Scare Everyone.

The Communist Party of China governs the People’s Republic of China. It is an influencing member at the United Nations in addition to becoming the 5th member of the UN Security Council. China holds the rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council as of May 2021, and its “first priority” is upholding the multilateral system with the U.N. at the core, China’s U.N. Ambassador Zhang Jun told the press on May 3, 2021.

China, under Taiwan was a founding member of the United Nations as the Republic of China before that government was ousted by the current Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Republic of China had been a member of the United Nations from the organization’s formation in 1945, at which time it still governed all of China. However, in 1949, the R.O.C. government was expelled from the mainland by the Communist Party, the founders of the People’s Republic of China. Though the R.O.C. only continued to control the island of Taiwan after its expulsion from the mainland, it still considered itself the one true government of China.

At that time, this view was supported by the Western powers in allowing the R.O.C. to remain China’s representative in the United Nations. Their main motive? They wanted to prevent another Communist government from gaining a place in the Security Council.

By 1971, the People’s Republic had gained enough international support for the U.N. General Assembly to pass the resolution declaring that it, and not the R.O.C., was the rightful representative of China. The resolution specified that it was a “restoration of the lawful rights” to the P.R.C., indicating that the country had been denied its rightful seat since 1949.

Today, the CCP China sees Taiwan as a breakaway province, while Taiwan claims to be a free and independent country. Taiwan’s government is founded on free speech, while the CCP is founded on censorship. China’s One China policy asserts there is only one sovereign Chinese government, and that Taiwan is an inseparable part of the country that is to be reunified one day with the mainland.

Taiwan, over the years, has worked to be recognized under the name “The Republic of China (Taiwan)”. Even recently is still submitting proposals to be admitted back into the UN as a member to but the UN applications have been denied. Yet, China works overtime to blacklist or challenge any nation that shows support for Taiwan.

Recently, Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan with much upheaval from China about America’s ties to Taiwan, whom it outed in at the UN 1971 General Assembly. Most recently China warned Canada over its planned Taiwan visit by parliamentarians, threatening forceful measures if Canada interferes as MPs plan a trade delegation to Taipei this year according to The Guardian.


Western societies are typically founded on democracy through capitalism via colonization, industrialization, institutions, banking industry, oil and gas, insurance, manufacturing and the media. Except those taken over by new rulership, mostly Communism, as in the case of Russia. Western societies are also founded on its own version of social credit, that is institutional racism through scientific racism, the education system and credit.

The media typically portrays the privilege of living in the West as considering the potential evils of communism as something to evade, dodge and avoid. The media has even mentioned George Soros statement warning against the threat of China.

A Chinese Communist-style social credit system is “happening at our doorsteps now in the United States and in Europe,” Chen Guangcheng, the blind human rights lawyer and outspoken dissident who escaped from China in 2012, told LifeSiteNews in an explosive February interview.

Governments across the western world are exploring using this tool, especially in the wake of the pandemic, which proved that the government can obtain almost limitless power in a crisis and set the stage for the next phase of the World Economic Forum’s project 2030 – where the plan is that you will “own nothing and be happy.”

Italy, which announced the rollout of its new rewards-based program that aims to modify people’s climate change behavior by assigning a score based on their compliance – the first program of it’s kind in the EU.

The program will kick off its pilot starting in the fall of 2022 in the large metropolitan city of Bologna. Citizens who comply with the radical climate change agenda by displaying “good behavior,” such as correctly recycling or using public transportation, will be rewarded with cryptocurrency and discounts to local retailers, according to local newspaper Bologna Today.

Enrollees will be given a “smart citizen wallet” where their rewards can be accessed. The higher one’s score, correlating with good behavioral changes, will allow them access to more benefits.


The Universal Suffrage Franchise Movement has left many nations impoverished and communities under-served for unwarranted decades. Now, leaders gather together to “fight climate change” and implement sustainable agendas for ESGs through the WEF, the UN and other top organizations. Prior to these groups banning together, over the decades China, instead of the ‘rescuing White man’, ‘stepped in’ to help save developing nations by expanding its infrastructure and providing employment. But could there be a catch lurking in the shadows for the citizens of those nations and the world with the social credit system?

The term “the struggle is real” became the anthem for so -called Black culture. Built off of “struggle culture” and became the foundation for colonies of the Commonwealth and other ruling colonizers in the name of Universal Suffrage Franchise. Britain would also begin the British suffragist movement calling for an end to the “bitter bread of dependence” on the male inspiring future women suffragists and their supporters.

Many of these suffragists took a stance on the right to vote. When settlers of the West needed all the manpower available for votes, they began to ease on gender. Over time, gender stereotyping with the woman’s role at home was being propagated.

Women seeking equality experienced male resistance by being barred from numerous anti slavery societies of the 1830s. Women in response took to speaking out against slavery by comparing their non freedoms and limitation for equality against men as a common cause with the slaves.

These suffrage movements and others lead to the civil rights movement and now feminism. Nations affected by these suffrage movements includes most of the developing and underdeveloped nations, which has been left in a constant state of depravity or under-development and now in comes China to “save the day.”

To gain controlling positions in international organizations, Beijing has been employing debt-trap diplomacy. China funds small nations for their development projects with large amounts of finance. These countries often find themselves in a position where they are not able to repay the loans. These developing nations, which are primarily low or middle-income countries, when they are unable to make the repayments on time, will look for concessions. When this happens, the Chinese will demand their support on international platforms and the provision of erecting military bases on their territories, as well as the confiscation of lucrative state assets and resources.

As China expands its investments across these nations, the direction of the future must be carefully analyzed and considered by these nations to avoid the debt trap, death or slavery through the social credit systems.

One recent example of a nation caught in this debt-trap diplomacy is Cameroon. The African nation had nominated their candidate to head the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). But, according to The Wall Street Journal, China forced Cameroon to withdraw its candidature in exchange for canceling the US$78 million debt the African nation owed to China.

The suffrage movement and the people of whom it claims to champion are facing a huge potential risk should the social credit system go digital nationwide and globally. Without proper policies in place for the disenfranchised and those deemed undesirables by the social credit system it may be difficult to avoid a debt trap.


Leaders who support Black Lives Matter whose founders have publicly and openly stated their support and training in the Marxist ideology of Communism by Karl Marx are or have played their role on the world stage.

Karl Marx is related to Sigmund Freud, the psychoanalyst who is related to Edward Bernays, the Father of Public Relations and propaganda.

In fact, many of our leaders of the past such as W.E.B. Dubois were also exposed to communist doctrine including A. Philip Randolph who lived some time in Russia. In the end he stated in an interview to have regretted that move.

Because of our struggles after being stripped of identity, and our desires for recognition, this ideal appeals to our sense of right to equality. Behind it lays a very sinister trap unknown to the unsuspecting person. Like Randolph found out later about Russia.

African American leader W.E.B. Dubois gave his support for Planned Parenthood and supported the idea of the “Talented 10th” amongst Negroes. In 2020, Planned Parenthood was accused of racism by employees and supporters. The Washington Times wrote pro-lifers have long accused Planned Parenthood of racism, but the nation’s largest abortion provider may face a reckoning led by hundreds of employees and supporters who have charged the organization with being “steeped in White supremacy.”

A letter was signed by more than 350 “current and former staffers” of Planned Parenthood of Greater New York, as well as about 800 donors, supporters and volunteers, declared that founder Margaret Sanger was “a racist, White woman” and that the organization suffers from “institutional racism.”

“We know that Planned Parenthood has a history and a present steeped in White supremacy and we, the staff, are motivated to do the difficult work needed to improve,” said the June 18 open letter from Save PPGNY.

This past New Year’s Eve, less than one year after a gunman shot out the glass doors of the Planned Parenthood in Knoxville, Tennessee, the entire clinic burned to the ground in the midst of a $2.2 million renovation and expansion project. (No one was injured.) Investigators from the Knoxville Fire Department have ruled it an intentional fire — an arson, started by a person or persons who, just like the gunman, have yet to be identified.

Most recently this year August, bomb squad members responded to the Planned Parenthood clinic in Overland Park in regard to a suspicious package in front of the building, according to FoxNews4.

Also this month was an announcement that Planned Parenthood, America’s leading reproductive health care provider and abortion rights advocacy organization, plans to spend a record $50 million ahead of November’s midterm elections, pouring money into contests where access to abortion will be on the ballot.

In Ontario, Planned Parenthood services the areas of Durham Region; Halton Region; Peel Region; Toronto; York Region. It claims to provide “comprehensive information” and referral on sexual health issues provided by trained peer volunteers in the following:

  • sex-positive, pro-choice, non-judgmental and inclusive approach
  • confidential

Its online resources including self assessment tool, definitions, and blog on a variety of issues including:

  • relationships
  • puberty
  • sexuality
  • birth control
  • sexually transmitted infections

Bill Gates‘ father, William Gates Sr, who recently passed away, was a former Chairman for Planned Parenthood, an organization founded on eugenics by Margaret Sanger. Known for eugenic practices legally passed in certain American states before being outlawed, yet inspired many scientists and philosophies eminent today.

“The Talented 10th” idea that influenced households, politics and the division among “White” African American and Negroes from “Black” African American and Negroes was Dubois’ idea of providing opportunities for Negroes who wanted to grow and excel outside of the social construct of the Negro problem stereotype. The NAACP and sororities in African American universities was funded mostly by non-Negroes or “non-Sable” peoples. Selected activists, politicians and patronized celebrities also played its role.

In other words, Negroes too had a hand in the delay, and in some cases the destruction or division of the cultural advancements for African, Caribbean and Indigenous peoples through its own method of social credit in the “Talented 10th” ideology which is prevalent today. You’re only successful unless you attend certain schools, be part of certain sororities, alumni, groups, organizations, clubs and even in some cases family bloodlines to access opportunities not afforded to the undesirables. A sifting method.

Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan campaign in 1972.Dirck Halstead / The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images file

Just as Reagan blamed Africans at the 1971 UN general assembly vote that saw the Republic of China, lead by Taiwan, loose its UN seat for the now CCP People’s Republic of China, so too again the Negroes shall be blamed for many actions in world issues. In his fury, the former President of the United States of America Ronald Reagan called African U.N. delegates ‘monkeys’ in a call with Richard Nixon, a released audio recording reveals. This Negro problem is real and beyond just skin colour and race.

Chairman Mao Zedong once said, “It was our fellow developing countries that ‘carried‘ the People’s Republic of China into the United Nations.” The word “carry” aptly captures the profound friendship between China and other developing countries, especially those from Africa. How did China’s return to the UN in 1971 reflect a popular hope by the majority of developing countries.

That Resolution had a tremendous negative impact upon Taiwan (the Republic of China, “ROC”). The 1971 UN Resolution was not a historic “accident.” It was the outcome of PRC’s systematic diplomatic efforts in Africa and toward America.

All of a sudden every leader is concerned for the disenfranchised as long as it supports the Agenda 2030 narrative. Any words that express free speech is shunned.


The year was 1971. Post WWII and Vietnam. Soldiers died and veterans survived. Taiwan, prior to the UN General assembly votes in 1971 was the governing body for all of China including mainland China now recognized as the People’s Republic of China.

The same forces behind the CCP and its rise to prominence were said to also have been behind the Russian Bolshevik revolution that killed over 10 million Russians. For the CCP to gain its power the story goes deep. Apparently, the Japanese betrayed the Republic of China because the leaders did not want to succumb to Japan’s proposal for a railroad. Japanese leaders then partnered with the CCP to gain full control and when the CCP got control they built the railroad.

The former leader of China under Taiwainese rule stated he despised the CCP, distrusting their motives and intentions. He said they could not be trusted. He favoured more the Japanese and dealt with them until he was betrayed by one of them.

With CCP now in power, Beijing is ready to take on the UN for a seat and remove Taiwan. On October 25, 1971, the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758 passed with 76 votes in favor, 35 against, and 17 abstentions, and declared “that the representatives of the Government of the People’s Republic of China are the only lawful representatives of China to the United Nations.” At that general assembly, Taiwan was ejected from the United Nations as a member in favour of China now the Peoples Republic of China due to large support from African UN members, Britain and France votes.

The reason? There can only be one China representative at the UN and voting members chose the current China today. The Chinese Communist Party for The People’s Republic of China. It is attempting to lead the future through social credit system after its alleged experimental success on how to cull and heard the masses.

Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) construction projects are a key part of China's debt-trap diplomacy.

Taiwan remains as Republic of China whom the Unites States had invested relations and therefore in their favour at the 1971 UN general assembly. The two colonial powers, Britain and France, have now transferred methods of control of colonial practices, ideologies and methods to align itself with China, a communist nation, for the future in the 4th Industrial Revolution, technocracy and digital slavery.

In its own way, China is out to colonize too – but this time, there will be AI surveillance and a social credit score and don’t’ forget the military. Those who are deemed “worthy” are rewarded and those ‘undesirable’ punished. Monitored speech, actions, thoughts and deeds.

Most recently, China challenged Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. The first visit for an American in 20 years. Her travel consisted of rerouted routes and a threat from China on its involvement with Taiwan.


The social credit system seeking to be rolled out universally is very similar to plantation life for slaves. House slave vs field slave. Vaxinated vs unvaxinated. Good social credit vs low social credit. These dualities became a central theme in the advancement for people of colour with light over dark. In politics where many lighter skinned Negros where once accredited for opening doors for dark-skinned Negroes, the same ideology was in bedded into the system with institutional racism through race. White meaning advancement in the social, economical and political scene while Negroes where to be degraded at every moment. To be Black, one would not get the same privileges as White. Hence, the Critical Race Theory debate and the debate for its admittance into school curriculums.

The real issue with critical race theory is it’s founded mostly on slavery and the evils of the White man as opposed to telling it like it is. The truth from before slavery. Once again Black culture being seen as “struggle culture.”

Huffpost recently wrote in the media about #colourism and the small controversy regarding celebrities Zendaya and Keke Palmer. A dark skinned Ebony woman in comparison to a caramel Brown mulatto woman. Both successful, yet Keke brings in $7 Million and Zendaya $20 Million. The money does show a light-skinned woman earning considerably more than a dark-skinned woman.

Why would this occur in modern times? It all goes back to colonization.

Yes! A real conversation between Black and White, shades of Melanin and what defines a race are essential and can only resolve from a place of truth, honesty and candidness.

Britain in particle, which is the current Monarch, had its own policies through colonies that instituted colourism as a means to uplift one group and punish another in its exploits for conquest. And in 1971, it made a made a very strategic move for its future conquests to align with China. A future emerging world power whose goal is to the lead developing nations into the future.

These developing nations, many are or were part of the Commonwealth under British rule, or oversee other ruling nations that are part of the Commonwealth. African nations alone, make just over 20% of seats at the UN. One of the reasons for China’s direction towards being an investor into developing nations. Buying allies they call it.

Those developing member nations were part of the Universal Suffrage Franchise. Many have been victims of coups, poverty, underdevelopment, disease, mal-nourishment, lack of infrastructure and more. Something that has been attested to the remnants of colonization post effects of dismembering nations identities, families, way of life by stifling economic and political advancement through guerrilla warfare, fraud and strife.

The same happens in under-served communities across Western societies and the Common wealth nations. Making poverty, big business.

In Western nations, particularly in America, under-served communities neighborhoods, names, social securities were identified by codes geared towards African Americans deemed undesirable is the best way to put it along with racial profiling. Contributing to the social economic disturbances within the Negro community improvement and advancement for decades.

Now, the world has gone fake woke to cover-up the profits from capitalism that destroyed families, the environment and exposed the inner workings or racism, eugenics, planned societal destruction, human trafficking and a new world order versus the options of Socialism or Communism and its technocracy of digital slavery.


The new world order includes China and Russia. Leading the future, possibly, if they have their way to a social credit system as BRIC and UN partner in its attempt to dominate nations.

The Chinese Communist Party has enormous clout in Africa. But, why Africa? Africa has many countries and is well represented in the United Nations. Influencing the African leaders to submit to the will of Beijing can affect democratic decisions based on voting in the United Nations.

The Foreign Policy in 2018 wrote an article titled ‘China Is Buying African Media’s Silence’. It states in 1999, China embarked on an economic and social outreach program to the continent, known as its “Going Out” policy, in which it injected millions of dollars of investment into the African media. To counter the rampant negative perceptions of China in Western media, the project looked to take back control of the country’s image in a continent where its interests were only set to grow.

This meant investing heavily in China’s own state media presence, including expanding bureaus; supporting privately owned Chinese media that set up offices on the continent; purchasing stakes in private African media; and conjuring up partnerships or organizing sponsored trips to China for cash-strapped African newsrooms.

Beijing’s spy capabilities are second to none. If sensitive information is gathered about a critical African leader, he or she can be blackmailed and brought under CCP control. Besides this, there are significant risks posed to developed countries heading to Africa for trade and international cooperation.

Business secrets, strategies, bids, and processes are all left to the mercy of spy equipment found in residences, offices, and in the telecom networks. This poses incredible barriers to cooperation with Western companies and governments that value integrity in secure communications.

China Is Buying African Media’s Silence after more than a decade of planning, setting up, and bankrolling African media, the Chinese are finally ready to cash in on their investment.

Beijing may have better surveillance access to Africa than anywhere else in the world. Chinese companies have constructed or renovated (or both) at least 186 sensitive African government buildings; Chinese telecommunications firms have built at least 14 infra-governmental, “secure” telecommunications networks; and the Chinese government has gifted computers to at least 35 African governments.

As the world leader in economic espionage and foreign influence operations, Beijing almost certainly uses its engagements in Africa to surveil American and African officials and business leaders. The Chinese government could use the information it harvests to advantage its companies competing against American and other firms, glean insights into U.S. security assistance and counter-terrorism programs, and recruit or influence senior African government officials.

This could be a serious threat for the world, developing nations and in particular Melanin Dominant Humans brought on by the ruling oligarchs leading to digital slavery through the social credit system.


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