The Federal Conservative Party has had lackluster representation for decades. The party also had a tumultuous road with inside party politics. Most of all, it’s ready for a new type of leadership all together.

One that stands for core values most families desire.

The candidate vote for this year’s Federal party leadership election closes today at 5:00pm EST.

The candidates are Scott Aitchison for Parry Sound – Muskoka; Roman Baber, Jean Charest, Leslyn Lewis for Haldimand-Norfolk and Pierre Poilievre for Carleton.

Whoever becomes the Conservative leader also becomes the opposition leader in the Canadian Parliament. This means he or she leads an opposition responsible for acting as a check against the current administration of the Liberal Party under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, writes Newsmax.com.

Stockwell Day has given his endorsement for Dr. Leslyn Lewis.

Stockwell Day, former Canada opposition leader, described his former assistant, Poilievre, as smart, hardworking, and capable. Day, however, endorsed Dr. Leslyn Lewis to be the next Conservative Party leader.

“She will bring a whole new aura to the political arena,” Day told Newsmax when asked about why he supports Dr. Lewis and not Poilievre.

Day noted that Poilievre and Lewis share similar policy beliefs, and that his former assistant would be his second choice in the race.

Even though they both supported the truckers conveys that made headlines for their protests of COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates, Dr. Lewis could truly bring an new element in opposition at Parliament Hill. Where most of the party leaders, are associated with the World Economic Forum. Including Conservative Leadership Candidate Pierre Poilievre whose previous involvements he recently sought to downplay as mentioned at BeyondTheNarrative.

The newsite adds even though Poilievre may deny any affiliations now, they did reach out to Mr. Poilievre’s office and asked if he could explain why he was listed on the WEF site when he is claiming he has never been involved with the World Economic Forum. The group came across two other Canadian politicians before those names were removed. The site lists Doug Ford, current Premier of Ontario and Andrew Scheer, former Conservative Party Leader of Canada.

Image Screen Capture from BeyondTheNarrative.ca

Can Canada afford any other politicians sneaking in with connections to World Economic Forum that prevent adequate policies for the people instead of benefits for allied organizations run by Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles?

The Conservatives are set to announce the winner of the leadership on Sept. 10.2022.

What will be Canada’s fate going forward to the next Federal election and beyond?

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