It’s official!

Media outlets around the world have reported the death of Queen Elizabeth II occurred Thursday, September 8, 2022 at the age of 96 after 70 years of ruling since first becoming Queen.

Long did live the Queen!

Queen Elizabeth II and Son Prince Charles

Even though rumours surfaced for months prior on the death of Queen Elizabeth II before the Platinum Jubilee, this time it’s presented as true by the mainstream media. With family rushing to be by her side including Harry, who became distant from Queen Elizabeth II since marrying Meghan Markle.

Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada and the Commonwealth, ascended the throne as one of the world’s most famous women at the age of 25, when her father’s death in 1952 made her England’s sixth ruling queen and longest-reigning monarch.

What will the world be like now that the Queen, the head of the longest ruling British Monarch and the Royal Family has died?

Who will be able to keep Charles under manners when he has been given the authority to announce The Great Reset along side Klaus Schwab. The Great Reset includes the 4th Industrial Revolution, Climate Change and Transhumanism. Their global fix to years of racial capitalism by everyone becoming gender-less, one race and one sex.

While many remembers a Queen warm and graceful, many others remember her as a mother who allowed Charles to publicly humiliate his wife, just because she didn’t fit or breached protocols.

One of the tabloid news outlets this year reported on its cover Queen Elizabeth II regretted what occurred with Princess Diana.

If Charles had stayed with Diana, the level of respect and love he would have garnered around the world. He sure would have shown the world how to overcome hardships in a marriage. Instead he followed his lust and pursuit to not be the only Royal without a mistress. While his peers cheered and supported the affair with an already married woman with children.

That alone is a sin against God, the Church and their conservative values.

Though shall not commit adultery is a very important commandment, next to thou shall not take the Lords name in vain.

Both Camilla and Charles selfishly kept up their affair, irregardless of either of their duty, children, spouses, The Queen, The Monarch, The Commonwealth and the public.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attend the Braemar Highland Gathering at The Princess Royal and Duke of Fife Memorial Park on September 3, 2022 in Braemar, Scotland. (Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

Camilla’s first husband, was a deer friend of the Windsor family from young. His parents were friends with the Queen Mother, and he reportedly served as a page at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth in 1953.

Charles had no regard for his mother’s history with Mr. Bowles’ family or his reputation. What kind of disregard will either of these two have for the world, now that they played their part until the death of the Queen.

It is no secret the history of colonization and its affect upon the Commonwealth, the world and across underdeveloped nations.

Many were left in poverty even after gaining independence and most were still connected to the Queen through the legislative government that saw the Governor General as a representative for the Queen. Meaning, even though countries had their independence, the Queen still had power. From owning land, receiving monies from each of Commonwealth to having the Privy Council.

As such, many Liberals have wasted no time sharing their thoughts on the death of the Queen as a moment of celebration with the death of a Tyrant.

Whether or not the Queen was a tyrant, now in her death, the world must focus on what is to come with Camilla now officially Queen Consort.

Since her marriage to Prince Charles, Camilla has taken up dozens of royal duties. She is patron or president of more than 90 charities, and has shown particular interest in work on animals, promoting literacy and empowering women. She also has found her voice as a public speaker, earning respect by campaigning about difficult issues such as sexual violence against women and domestic abuse. Quite the irony when both she and Charles mentally abused Princess Diana.

In 2021, Camilla delivered what many called her landmark speech, urging “the men in our lives” to get involved in women’s rights and expressing sympathy for the families of women who are murdered.

Where was this heartfelt speech when she and Charles lead Diana to mental distress and eventually death by paparazzi, which many claimed was a conspiracy for murder?

Did Camilla ever think about how Princess Diana felt? Or how Charles’ children would feel or even hers with Mr Bowles when she told Diana after being confronted about the affair “you have his children.”

If that is not enough to show the heart of that woman and how devious she was to get to the thrown, with her cut throat methods, then the world has not learned anything or grown up at all. She had no care for woman’s’ rights then, only her own. Most should also be concerned for the charities under her portfolio and her access to children, and the vulnerable.

It would be pleasing and just to know the records of all those 90 charities she is a patron or president. Many of Prince Charles’ charities including the Prince’s Trust have been plagued with sexual abuse and scandal. With victims still awaiting the proper retribution.

The best way for both Charles and Camilla to look clean in all this is to provide public records of those 90 charities with an investigation to ensure there are no other cases of abuse.

They should work promptly to return the items from colonization that were taken from countries across India, China, Central-South America and Africa.

They should also allow public and private schools and institutions to start telling the truth in their curriculum about the Monarch with a payback plan that sees all debt from Commonwealth countries eradicated without any other strings attached.

It should also include a family reunited plan to see families that were broken apart restored. The lands taken, given back and the identities stolen, returned.

The children from across the Caribbean, Canada, North America, England, Australia, Africa and other parts of the world who suffered abuse from the charities operated by the Royal Family, their friends and colleagues should be held accountable for the dead, the living survivors and their families. Compensation and dignified resources should be provided to those whose perpetrators have died.

Every and anyone who have been Knighted or received an Order of Canada that are known abusers and or pedophiles should have their titles revoked immediately. If it has not happened already. No further Knighthood or Order of Canada to be granted to any such persons.

Without these immediate actions, it’s hard to ever trust what these two as a couple have planned for the world in the name of “goodwill” and The Great Reset.

Is the world and the Commonwealth safe with Charles as King and Camilla as Queen Consort? Global citizens can buy the bubble gum act, but time shall tell and truth be revealed. God help us all until then!

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