Dr. Leslyn Lewis was a candidate in the 2022 Conservative Party leadership election. She was endorsed by the former opposition leader Stockwell Day who said she’d make the best Conservative leader.

Regrettably, other Conservatives did not feel that way or are not ready for such a change. The party voted for a Justin Trudeau type of leader who is rumored to have been involved with the World Economic Forum, Pierre Poilievre. Endorsed by the former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, who as it turns out was also involved with the World Economic Forum.

Poilievre, for his campaign platform, declared that no minister associated with WEF will be part of his Cabinet. Does that include other party members, endorsers, policy and other stakeholders?

While Poilievre may seem like he packs a big punch as opposition leader, it’s his cabinet colleague Dr. Leslyn Lewis who really knows how to deliver curve balls and sucker punches.

Lewis recently took to twitter and posted receipts on the federal government’s involvement with the World Economic Forum, making it no longer a conspiracy.

The Reset Community has written various articles on The World Economic Forum. What it represents and Canadian leaders associated with the WEF. In June 2020, The WEF declared globally The Great Reset under Klaus Schwab and King Charles III when he was Prince Charles.

While many Canadians have lost faith in politics, government and leaders or don’t know who to trust, Dr. Leslyn Lewis is a power house that speaks to the hearts of Canadians and does the hard work for Canadians. Bringing answers meant to be swept under the carpet.

See her tweet here:

“As a Canadian, I find what’s going on in my country just insane. The current government prostitutes itself to the WEF. Canada is no democracy anymore. It has become a dystopian dictatorship,” reports

“The Liberal government has admitted in writing that they have an ongoing $105.3 million contract with the World Economic Forum to introduce digital identities for travel to Canada.”

Lewis demanded the government provide information on how many Canadian travellers “have opted into the program, what data was collected and how much has been spent on the pilot among other things.

The National Telegraph wrote an article a few months back titled “Leslyn Lewis Plans To Stop Digital ID And WEF Influence In Canada.”

The WEF is in favour of and openly promotes the use of Digital ID, ESG scores, and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), among many other policies that centralize power to the federal government.

Dr. Lewis explains the current environment around Digital ID and the WEF stating that:

The fact is, that there is no conspiracy. There is no need for one. The WEF is a collection of politicians and powerful business people who are very open and public about their plans to usher in a Green Industrial Revolution and unite behind their singular views of how societies around the world should operate.  

Canada is the first country along with the Netherlands to sign on to the WEF’s pilot project to introduce a Known Traveller Digital Identity (KTDI). Other partners include Air Canada, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport in Montreal, and Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

Dr. Lewis explains:

The idea that world travellers can increase “global” trust as they travel around the world and check in and out of hotels etc. might sound like a good idea, however, building up trust points through your activity is literally a credit score. Folks who wanted to pretend that this is anything other than a social credit system need to bend over backwards to pretend they don’t understand how credit scores work.

Dr. Lewis then goes on to take issue with labeling travelers as “acceptable” or “safe” outside of a legal context and notes that the WEF “has suggested that this could be expanded to include one’s digital currency, banking info, carbon footprint, health records, driver’s license, etc.” which would be a severe infringement on someone’s privacy and freedom of choice. 

How do Canadians feel about Canada’s partnership to the World Economic Forum, digital ID and the social credit?

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