Kanye West, an American Hip Hop artist known for being outspoken on many issues and topics recently launched the White Lives Matter initiative. He was featured on FOX News Tucker Carlson Tonight in a recent exclusive interview after causing quite a social media uproar with Diddy and Yasiin Bey jumping into the conversation on social media.

One of the best interviews West has given where he’s more calm and centered. Yet the public, according to West, is out to get him for his controversial views. With some calling his comments anti-Semite or questioning his mental faculty. In the interview, Kanye shared stories about his father, his ex-wife and viewpoints he finds important for making a difference including a soft endorsement for Donald Trump. Something that made him catch heat during Trump’s 2016 run for Presidency and his Make America Great Again campaign where West endorsed Trump for President of the United States.

Although it’s difficult to take everything West says as gold in his Tucker Carlson interview, especially his endorsement for Donald Trump, he does offer some nuggets for further consideration such as White Lives Matter, and the BLM scam. The real scam is not the organization, its is being labelled and living as a race you’re not!

ABC Radio Melbourne
/ By Nicole Mills Posted Tue 22 Jan 2019 at 3:00pm

The rapper and fashion designer formerly known as Kanye West is talking about his political beliefs following a stir he caused on social media last week by wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt at his fashion show in Paris and later putting a statement on Instagram calling the Black Lives Matter movement “a scam.”

The Black Lives Matter Scam

BLM is a group that is dedicated to agitation and presenting selective incidents (while ignoring others) to present a false story about police violence and to use known false information to gain power, raise money, and undermine not only the US but European based societies with false claims of institutional racism.

Brightworks Research published a video on BLM that was taken down by Youtube. Yes, Youtube was banning and pulling Youtubers offline who were making connections to BLM and their fraud. Now that there is a consensus B-lack Lives Matter is a fraud, are all those channels on Youtube and other social media platforms that were were banned, de-platformed or demonetized allowed to sue the media and other affiliates who helped to support silencing of the truth on BLM and their illegal activities? What are the repercussions for those who participated in the cover-up and propaganda?

In the pulled Youtube video, Brightworks explains BLM does not seem to care about B_lack lives unless it can be placed within the context of B_lack oppression. And that they actively look for police killings of B_lack men to fundraise and raise their profile. It also explained Black Lives Matter’s complete lack of interest in the B_lack population’s actual mortality causes and rates.

How The Scam Worked

Some media outlets such as the Washington Examiner agreed with Kanye even before Kanye said what he said. In early January of this year, The Washington Examiner published an article online titled “Black Lives Matter Scam.” Yes readers! And here’s what the article said.

It reads:

The foundation wasn’t even registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a charity. After George Floyd’s murder in May of 2020, tens of millions of dollars were given to this organization from major corporations and celebrities. And now, no one even knows where all that money has gone. Even worse, there doesn’t appear to be anyone in charge of the organization who can provide that information.

Unable to accept the avalanche of money sent its way, BLM channeled donations through Thousand Currents and the Tides Foundation until the IRS approved its application for nonprofit status in December 2020. Around that time, Thousand Currents transferred $66.5 million to BLM — a transaction personally signed off on by BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors.

CharityWatch Executive Director Laurie Styron described BLM as “a giant ghost ship full of treasure drifting in the night with no captain, no discernable crew, and no clear direction.”

According to Candid, a website devoted to tracking nonprofit donations, groups like BLM, which claim to be devoted to racial “equity,” have raised over $25 billion since George Floyd’s death.

The people who donated to BLM deserve to know where their money went wrote The Washington Examiner. So do the people who live in communities that have been devastated by violence. The Washington Examiner called on congress to investigate BLM in that January article. It seems Biden was sleeping at the wheel.

After Kanye’s controversial Carlson interview, early this month of October The Washington Examiner again published an article on BLM titled “Kanye is right: Black Lives Matter was always a scam.”

“Everyone knows Black Lives Matter was a scam,” West said. He’s right. The Black Lives Matter movement was built on the lie that Michael Brown was a poor, defenseless victim of a racist police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2015. The myth that he submitted and was shot anyway — “Hands up, don’t shoot” — was a lie. Physical evidence showed that Brown attacked Officer Darren Wilson and attempted to get his gun before he was shot.

The article goes on to say ignored by Black Lives Matter were the thousands of B_lack lives that didn’t matter to activists. The Washington Post database lists 145 unarmed B_lack people killed by police since 2015. Some of those unarmed cases include incidents like Brown’s, but unmentioned go all the B_lack people murdered by non-police officers every year. In 2019 alone, for example, 7,484 B_lack people were murdered. Democratic politicians and activists will mourn a criminal like Brown, but 7,000 B_lack murder victims killed by non-police just don’t matter.

The Washington Examiner BLM articled published back in January of this year reported there a financial scam. A Washington Examiner investigation found that millions in funds had gone unaccounted for at the Black Lives Matter organization. California and Washington, two states run by Democrats, ordered the organization to cease all fundraising. The BLM Global Network Foundation took in $77 million in 2020, which then went on to line the pockets of its executives and their families.

From the beginning, Black Lives Matter was a scam writes The Washington Examiner.

The movement was built on a lie and was channeled toward anti-police sentiment, exploited by Democratic politicians who think stoking racism helps them and know that talking about the homicides in the cities they run would not. The financial scam was simply the icing on the cake of the political scam, and it’s a scam that Democratic politicians and liberal activists (and journalists) will continue to push without a hint of regret or introspection.

Canada’s Connection to the BLM Scam and Money Laundering

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canada also has its own BLM that was supported by the Liberal Government and the City of Toronto.

When the Freedom Convoy protest happened, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the public statement calling the protest an “insult to truth,” while showing favour to BLM.

Not only that, a 10,000 square foot building in downtown Toronto was transformed into a new community activism and creative space operated by Black Lives Matter in 2021. The community certainly needs a facility such as this and more more, however it’s unfortunate what is unfolding with Black Lives Matter.

FOXNews reported Black Lives Matter (BLM) moved millions of dollars to a charity in Canada run by the wife of co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors to purchase a mansion that used to be the headquarters of the Communist Party of Canada, according to public records reviewed by the New York Post.

What a coincidence that a Marxist organization with trained Marxists with communists views would be in the same building of the Communist Party of Canada. Receiving transferred funds of $66.5 million signed off personally by Patrisse Khan-Cullors to the Canadian BLM run by Cullors wife. Slick!

According to audited financial statements obtained by the Washington Examiner, the Black Lives Matter organization was granted $8 million to purchase a Toronto mansion in 2021, equivalent to a mere $6.3 million in U.S. dollars. 

The money was meant to be used for activities to educate and support black communities, and to purchase and renovate property for charitable use. 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau slammed the “Freedom Convoy” trucking protest against a vaxxine mandate as spewing “hateful rhetoric,” while speaking fondly of the Black Lives Matter protests reported FOX News in January of this year in an article written by Emma Colton. “This is a moment for responsible leaders to think carefully about where they stand and who they stand with,” said Trudeau.

M4BJ, which is a non-profit based in Toronto that was set up in part by Janaya Khan, bought the 10,000-square foot mansion for $6.3 million in July 2021. Khan is the wife of Khan-Cullors, a self-professed Marxist who helped found Black Lives Matter Global Foundation Network.

“For BLM Canada to take money from BLM Global Network [Foundation] for a building without consulting the community was unethical,” Canadian BLM activists Sarah Jama and Sahra Soudi recently said. “For BLM Canada to refuse to answer questions from young Black organizers goes against the spirit of movement-building.”

The City of Toronto also funded the organization. After news broke of BLM’s purchase of the building to house Wildseed, the organization faced criticism about accepting funding from the City of Toronto for programming, with community members pointing out that this could create a dependency on state funding.

CP24 reported it is not entirely clear how the purchase of the building is being funded, though Coun. Mike Layton at the time of the report was expected to move a motion at a council meeting to have the city contribute $250,000 to help fund the project.

How does the possible BLM scam affect not only the B_lack community but also White lives and what is behind Kanye’s White Lives Matter message?

In a wide-ranging interview Kanye West shared with Tucker Carlson the simple reason for the message White Lives Matter was “because they do.”

White Lives Matter

Yes! White lives do matter.

It’s disappointing how in this generation we have come to this point where global citizens have to belt it out that all our lives matter and most of all truth matters. One thing is certain from our research at The Reset Community. For all lives to matter, truth has to matter above all else – not profits.

A distressing realization that humanity overall have been duped by the world stage theatrics. White populations should start observing how they are being played through the various acts of world drama. In order for the government to crack down on certain groups without looking racist, White people must first be made an example of or push certain agenda ideas. Many times this happens through communist tactics. A crappy deal!

In this deal, whether Kanye’s knows or not, Donald Trump does appear to be part of the process to ban truth on social media. With Kanye being used as a pond. By the Oligarchs and the media going after Trump on social media and making an example of him, they are able to go in and make new policies, go after real truthers and in particular those in the conscious community who have been prevalent in the early days of Youtube before being demonetized or lost in the algorithms.

What the powers that be decided to do was go after the truthers. Demonetizing their channels. Then brought in Trump to use truth mixed with propaganda to stir up voters in America and citizens globally with things like Q-Anon. Then Trump got his very charismatic mouth pieces who are B_lack, such as West, to raise his profile during his election for Presidency and is now doing it again to gear up for another election.

Remember that meeting with West and Trump when he was President-elect. Kanye went blonde after his wife checked him into a mental institute after a rant at one of his concerts where he said “Google lied to you. Facebook lied to you. Mark Zuckerberg lied to you.” Along with taking jabs at Jay Z and Beyonce and making other controversial comments.

TODAY | November 22, 2016

Kanye West was under observation at a Los Angeles hospital following an abrupt cancellation of his concert tour. The controversy started during West’s 2016 concert in San Jose, California when he went on a political rant about his support for President-elect Donald Trump, and said he wished B_lack people would stop talking about racism.

West, who was hospitalized for “temporary psychosis,” simply strolled into the Midtown Manhattan building’s lobby, dressed in black with dyed blonde hair, and an entourage in tow. It nearly sent the press pool into hysterics, and the scant details that were available dominated cable news and social media throughout the morning.

West said ”I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change.“

Newsweek reported in 2016 it’s true that Trump understands what drives the media and has played off of this to a certain extent. The man talks in sound bites. But it is also true that Trump is an uncharacteristically impulsive and distractable president-elect—and human—who could just as easily be reaping the benefits of the media’s fascination with the ridiculous by happenstance rather than by some carefully orchestrated Machiavellian manipulation strategy.

On Twitter, Luke Russert called Trump “brilliant” for how he has manipulated the media.

What if there is a carefully orchestrated Machiavellian manipulation strategy?

The way it would work is the White person pushes an agenda. Then the Black person comes in to sell it to the masses. Then something happens to the White person where they are made an example of and then this sets the stage for the Black group. So that when the Black group messes up and policies have to be made, the powers that be won’t look racist and they get to show the world that see – we try to help B_lack people but look what happens. Or see it happened here for this White group or person. A classic play from the playbook.

For example, the Freedom Convoy. Many of the protesters were White and their funds where held. If they were Black it would have seemed racist or ‘biased’ to stop the funds. To make an example of what’s to come to others, the White people where used. Then ridiculed as an “insult to truth” when Trudeau compared the Convoy to the organization BLM. So that when BLM got found out for their illegal activities and being a shill funded by Oligarchs and covered up by the media, who knows what could happen? This could then give the government access to enhance monitoring or surveilling groups or other measures that could be part of the WEF agenda.

What Can Global Citizens Do?

First, Black Lives Matter, the government, the media, George Soros and all other oligarch corporations who supported the scam, silencing of the truth, propaganda and demonetization of social media accounts owe our community, vloggers, and journalists an apology for using an opportunity of need to exploit a race seeking healing solutions. And an apology is owed to Canadians and the Freedom Convoy by the Trudeau Liberal government.

Next, in order for White lives to really matter over white lies, humanity needs to be open to the real truth about history and current affairs. Moving past white lies which is what is really hurting the White community as well the “B_lack” community.

Both races ignore the facts, evidence or truth on history or current affairs while the media weights in and calls the information controversial, fake news or impose bans.

Both races feel they are being prepped for genocide, replacement and loss of male representation in families and communities through feminism and other social initiatives for anti-racism such as BLM and communist activities.

Both races are experiencing very similar or parallel lives. It almost seems that what happens to the White race, eventually happens to the B_lack race. Like Black once meaning White now meaning Black. See our pledge to end the use of the term “Black” to represent the Melanin Dominant Humans of Negroid origin. Encouraging to #endblackhumour and #stoptheblackattack. Read our open letter here.

To get past these, a real conversation on Black and White is necessary.

It’s gong to take individuals and groups to relearn history. Really wanting to know what’s happening in history and current affairs and why. And how each person can be involved in making a difference. Read our article WE’VE GOT THE GUMPTION TO HAVE THE CONVERSATION – DO YOU?

Even if it’s by the sustainable choices we make in our shopping, our friends, our peers, our habits, our work, our speech, our knowledge, our mind. We can do this!

It takes wanting to be your best true self. And that can’t happen being ignorant, in denial or dissociative to the world around you.

You’ve got to want to wake up everyday to seek truth and knowledge and want to live that truth and knowledge. It’s the milk and honey of existence. The first truth is all lives matter! Don’t rob your soul of its elixir being in temporary ignorant bliss or trauma. What you close your eyes to, can return to haunt you. Avoid it!

Find out more on The Reset Community #culturalcollaborators for #identitysolutions.

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