Unbelievable! Disappointing and Unacceptable!

A B_lack woman, possibly one of #DonaldTrump’s #minions, out to spew #propaganda and #hatred went on #FOX News #TuckerCarlson to support #WhiteLivesMatter. And they do! Just as all lives matter! But she did so at the expense of ultimately degrading us Melanated women.

Debate this if you wish, but history, the news, books, archaeologists, and scholars have confirmed Africa is home to humanity and civilization. We all know Africa is populated with mostly Melanin Dominant Humans. Which makes MDH women as the mothers of humanity. I didn’t make it that way. I am simply reporting the facts!

As a researcher, human, mother, woman of melanin hue, I am appalled at #CandanceOwen’s Tucker Carlson Tonight statement. She went too far!

When #DaveChappelle made a comedy joke about her personal parts, I felt for her. It was unacceptable for anyone, especially a famous comedian, to speak or even joke in the manner that he did. It was “black humour.” (kindly do your online research for that backstory)

I was shamed at his comments and questioned where were the ‘advocates’ or the ‘feminists’ to address this or to speak up for our women. Candace did defend herself and made a statement to clap back at Chappelle. (Research the backstory)

Now, this Melanin B-lack woman belt out on the airways, “the worse place to be is in a B_lack woman’s womb.” Unacceptable! Her recent statement on Tucker Carlson almost had me throw up.

She too is a B-lack woman who carried a child for nine months. So, is her womb the worse place to be? Or maybe she is not a biological woman, hence her insensitive remarks on a sensitive topic.

Readers, do you have any idea what happened to Negro women during slavery with her baby in the womb as a fetus? She was tortured. For her children to inherit trauma or made to be s3x slaves. These are facts that can be found if you are interested to learn the truth and make a real difference.

There will be more updates on this topic. For now, here are 10 places more dangerous than a B-lack woman’s Womb.

  1. Church (full of lies)

2. Education system (full of false narratives)

3. Medical profession (full of false narratives)

4. TV (full of lies and propaganda)

5. Internet (full of lies, violence and propaganda and luring)

6. Entertainment (degrading)

7. NGOs (raping MDH woman in developing countries and leaving them to raise children on their own or to become prostitutes or forced bestiality recorded for sale and profit)

8. Prison

9. Orphanage

10. The Mind

BONUS two:

11. Underserved communities

12. Pharmaceutical Industry

Candace Owens went too far with her statement on Melanin Dominant women. Using the struggle to overcome from days of slavery and its practices and it turned it into mockery for her platform.

Candace Owens owes us all an apology.

End of story.

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