(Toronto, ON. VL Press 3.3.2023) Since the COVID pandemic, the paradigm shift occurring is happening at a rapid pace.

As we approach the spring and finish Q1, there are lots to consider in business, community and life going forward to make this your biggest and best year yet.

Over the course of our work into systemic and institutional racism, there is endless discoveries regarding the issues affecting communities that dampers business production and community growth.

In order to make this your best year our articles and blogs will be geared towards solutions that benefit society, the economy and business.

For those who are new to The Reset Community you are welcomed with immense love and light.

For those who have been with us since our beginnings, we thank you tremendously and appreciate you.

Our goal is new year, new you, new earth order. What does this look like?

Well, we’re going to redefine the narrative. One of the first things required in this new year for a new you is to realize societies around the world have been duped.

The history taught keeps all levels of society in the dark when it comes to truth. It’s as though truth has become the enemy. Whether you are university or college educated or whether you have no education, the system we live in has one name and it’s called Duped. Technically, there should only be two parties….The Duped and The Unduped.

You get to decide this year which you choose to be to make this your biggest and best year yet. To be or not to be duped!

Our articles going forward are going to reveal what we’ve discovered with solutions. This information is going to require strong souls, minds and hearts ready for real action.

Stay tuned!

One love!

The Reset Community

Published by IT'S A CULTURE RESET!

For the society, by society!

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