An Open Letter To The Black, Negro, Melanin, Aboriginal, Hindu, Indian, South Asian, Hebrew Israelite, Nubian, Sudanese, Muslim, Catholic, Christians, Khemet, Conscious, Ethiopians, Caribbean, Afro-Latinos, Black Jews, Afro-Asiatics, Islam, Mulattoes, And Indigenous Communities Of Canada, The Commonwealth, Africa Along With Friends From Other Cultures Of The World.

Dear Community,

Mental illness is mental slavery. Until we overcome the violations from colonialism and institutional racism it is vital we abstain from proceeding or accepting any solutions regarding poverty and mental illness that negates our history, identity and culture from being restored.

There is a very urgent meeting requesting your presence this Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 from 10:00 am – 11:00 am. As you know, our communities worldwide have become affected and infected by colonialism. Not only is reparations due, so is a restoration of our artifacts. Most importantly our family, our history and identity.

Marcus Garvey comments to know you history

This meeting is one of the most important in our entire existence as this could change the course of the future and the history of our legacy. It could affect our business, our status, our families and our communities with great detriment.

Many of the struggles faced throughout our communities at every level of class is due to the process of colonialism and its established structures within institutions.

We have fought long and hard. Been through the hardships and overcame even though in some instances experienced privileges. But it does not change that within our institutions the world is not taught the truth about who we are or our true history with identity.


We have been forced through hidden means to embrace a struggle culture that for many has lead them to taking their life or even considering it.

Many have worked their entire careers towards solutions for the Melanin community throughout the decades. They have come and gone and here we are. About to face the biggest decision of all our lives. That is truly and literally a matter of life and death.

In March 2021, the request to amend bill C-7 MAid Medical Assistance in Dying was passed by Royal Assent. On Canada.ca here is what it says

Under the law passed in March 2021, Canadians whose only medical condition is a mental illness, and who otherwise meet all eligibility criteria, will not be eligible for MAID until March 17, 2023. This temporary exclusion of eligibility was intended to provide the Government of Canada with more time to study how MAID on the basis of a mental illness can safely be provided and to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place to protect those persons. However, the Government of Canada believes that more time is needed to complete and disseminate this important work. On February 2, 2023, the Government of Canada introduced new legislation (Bill C-39) that would extend the delay of eligibility for MAID in circumstances where a person’s sole underlying medical condition is a mental illness until March 17, 2024.

It provides what they call a “beautiful death” to those who can’t endure whatever struggles they face as a result of colonialism.

A group called Impact Ethics on their website states “of greater concern are the psychiatrists who would be willing to kill a lot of patients in the name of compassion.” Impact Ethics

The answer ladies and gentlemen for the issues currently faced from colonialism practices in our communities at every level and many others it seems is MAiD. A beautiful death it is marketed as. Soon to be marketed by our celebrities as our answer.

For those who may be more on the affluent side, this also affects these communities. In the near future, due to career advancements and other decisions, it’s possible many leaders may compromise our community and this could result in their leaning towards this process as the answer.

Also, many young professionals who may have just graduated college or university and put so much hard work to attain a reputable profession. They may have just started their family, purchased a house and in comes inflation. Mortgage rates go up, at the same time the digital currency kicks in. So does social credits and more. Maybe there are job cuts at mid to executive levels or even blue-collar leading to delay in home payments and then loss of home and family. This has happened to other cultures before.

The founder of the World Economic Forum that called for a Great Reset, Klaus Schwab said this, "The revolution is coming with a tsunami."

Our community has been put on subliminal notice to get ready for what’s coming.

We cannot afford to ignore this urgent bill passed to be implemented next year as the answer or solution to the unaddressed long-standing issues faced across communities and class.

We must explore alternatives promptly. There is an upcoming bi-election for the Mayor of Toronto. We need to know where all candidates stand with this important topic without round about answers.

Attend this urgent virtual community discussion this Wednesday, May 10, 2023 from 10:00 am – 11:00 am. RSVP at email: themelaninsociety@proton.ca.

To join The Melanin Society and participate in our various committees kindly send an email to themelaninsociety@protono.me.

Who should attend:

Everyone with lived experience of mental health, discrimination, institutional racism, advocates, lawyers, doctors, health, science, psycho analysts, religious leaders, health and wellness. Those living with or through substance or other abuse, social workers, youth, community organizations and those who want to voice their concerns regarding this topic. Most importantly those who want to save there future selves, business, family and legacy – now. Mental illness is mental slavery.

Objective of the meeting:

Have your voice heard. Table concerns and lobby the government to amend the amendment of Bill C-7.


MAiD community meeting



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