When you’re doing research into systemic racism and every road of research leads to the death of the Melanin populations or slavery through some slight trick of the hand, it’s time for protection.

When the founder of World Economic Forum says the “revolution coming will be a tsunami” that is cue to prepare for what’s coming.

Therefore, The Reset Community through The Melanin Society, formerly The Reset Society, in conjunction with the Melanin Economic and Culture Fund have launched the Melanin Ethics Quality and Standards Bureau. MEQ Standards Bureau.

The objectives of MEQ Standards Bureau is to ensure policies and procedures going forward and for generations reflect ethical and highest quality of standards for the Melanin community and friends.

This is our rally call for committee members. Join us as we make a difference now and for the future. Who should join? Lawyers, doctors, scientists, bioethics, community, educators, developers, political activists, advocates, veterans and those with an interest to tap into a the future now.

Attend the not to miss meeting discussing a “beautiful death” through medical assisted death on Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 10:00am – 11:00am regarding medical assisted death. More information will be provided. Email and RSVP for the free meeting. Take control of your future, now.

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