Enrich your mind with our free your mind courses

Deprogram your mind


Workshops that teach discernment

Social Credit and the impact on communities
Word Magic | Relearning the English language
Media Magic | Redefine the narrative
Free Your Mind | Embrace your true purpose through deprogramming your mind
Futurology | Access insights of the future


Grow your business and community together

Sustainable Community | Learn how communities can grow sustainably
Sustainable Choices | Everyday living just became more sustainable
Sustainable business | Ensure your business is ahead of the curve
Axiom Dialogues | Seminars on Black and White
Etiquette | Walk into any room and make a statement without saying a word


Events in the metaverse, real world and online.

Bio Ethics | Monthly
4th Industrial Revolution | Monthly
Identity Solutions | Monthly
Social Credit | Every 7th sun up and sun-down.
Business & Community | Every 7th sun up and sun-down.

Life is too short to strive for your best, only to live a lie! Deprogram your mind! Let’s do it together.

— Kerry Ann Thomas

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