Shop #Cultureset

Shop #Culturereset and support our initiative to reset how communities are treated. At The Reset Community, we know that good genes matter. As do quality products and ones that are sustainable solutions. Our goal is to enhance sustainable and livable communities across underserved communities.

We know it’s time to do things right, as we now have the means, information and access. Let’s work together to heal the age old pains of societies, overcome moral injury and enjoy the benefits we all contribute.

Your support allows communities to enhance their gene performance and enhancement through projects such as farm-to-heal, infrastructure development, community and neighborhood upliftment.

These reports are stories and experiences on field study as a systemic racism explorer and the connection to eugenism and how it affects urban communities.

You’re feedback, inputs and support for our cause to see an end to just-ice, as well strategies that no longer (if ever)) help communities and the negro problem be eradicated and more effective solutions that resolve community concerns and issues can be implemented.

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